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Track your movements

18 Comments; Monday, September 6th, 2010

After updating the radar function 2 weeks ago I had some thoughts about expanding that feature even more. Who really needs the radar map ingame, where your game is fully packed with chats, overview, fleet windows and your modules. The majority of pilots don’t have that space available.

  • You want to keep an eye on your movements and positions out-of-game?
  • You want to track your movements for a later operation analysis?
  • You want to provide your fleet/squad position to the the fleet commander to keep multiple squads in sync or just provide juicy details to your spy master?
  • You want to visualize the route of your roaming gang for your after-action-report?

Then the new radar tracking feature is what you want!

After adding DOTLAN EveMaps to your trusted page you can start the tracking functionality. A private/public token will be generated and the page will automatically send your position to DOTLAN EveMaps so you can keep an eye on your position and moves out of game. In addition to your current position your moves will be stored as well. Those moves can shown as list or directly visualized on the maps or the universe map depending on the duration of your roaming.

You only have to keep your browser open/minimized while javascript/ajax will do the rest in the background. You can even continue to surf around. The tracking will continue anywhere on my page.

I know this tracking tool will be useful for both sides: Fleet commanders to keep better track of his fleet and squads and the spy’s for better way to update their masters.

Radar tracking Start tracking today

Fanpage Report 2010

1 Comment Friday, August 27th, 2010

After the last birthday post and the ever growing stream of visitors and users I thought it would make sense summarize the development and numbers from the past 2 years. So I did … the outcome? A 40 pages long presentation aka the “DOTLAN EveMaps Fanpage Report 2010“.

Last weekend I had the chance to get a meeting with some CCP Devs at the GamesCom exhibition in cologne to give them a bit insight and feedback about my evemaps project and how ingame events (delve: bob + goons) are having impact on fanpages.

I still have the opinion that fanpages and 3rd party applications have a huge impact on the so called “EVE Experience“. EVE wouldn’t be the same without all those little helpers and the community behind them. I hope that this message and the need to support API and the 3rd party devs will reach the right people.

I think there’s no reason to not show this information to you all! Enjoy it!

DOTLAN EveMaps – Fanpage Report 2010

Server maintenance yesterday:

P.S. Even after the server maintenance yesterday and the reinstallation of the XEN dom0 I’m still having stability problem of the hosted guests when assigning more then 1 vcpu. But I think I should write another post about this topic in general.

Radar update

1 Comment Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Just a quick update: The Radar page (only usable in the InGame browser) will now reload if you change your current system. This has been done with a regular ajax call in the background every 20 seconds (interval may change in the future). Maybe I’ll have an additional idea about the radar page. More to come later.

Suggestion to CCP

CCP still hasn’t delivered a javascript hook where we could register functions that will be executed on a session change. We discussed about this and suggested it in the IGB round table last fanfest. I know that there’s no feedback system from the EveClient to the browser engine but as you’re delivering the IGB Headers the Browser should be able to detect a “sessionchange” and call previously registered callbacks. If there’s a chance that one of your developer gets some time this is what I would suggest. I know there’re a lot of things in the backlog, but I bet this is one of the most features IGB 3rd party developer are asking for.

# similar to the javascript event system
CCPEVE.addEvent(event, callback);
CCPEVE.removeEvent(event, callback);


CCPEVE.addEvent('sessionchange', function() {

This would be the easiest form of reload event and if you’ve any future events, it’s easily extendable.

DOTLAN EveMaps gets 2 years

13 Comments; Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

It’s official: DOTLAN EveMaps is now having its 2nd birthday (starting from the official announcement in the CAOD forum section).

I’m not sure what I should really say but the last 2+ years has been a blast in aspects. Started in the beginning of 2008 and announced it only with a full handset of maps, it has become one of the biggest resources in Eve Online/New Eden’s History. Combined with the powerful toolset all around your favorite online game (Internet spaceships are serious business!).

If you like to support DOTLAN EveMaps: check out the Donate page where you can find informations on how to make me happy, expecially birthday presents are always welcome 🙂

You can also check the happy birthday thread in the official forum – CAOD

Open Teamspeak Party:

If you wanna come along to say hi, thank you or just wanna just chat with us and our friends just come along. I’ll open teamspeak on thursday evening when I get back from work (around 5pm eve time).

Teamspeak3: <teamspeak party is over>


The last 2 years have gained you a lot of features: Here’s a short list of what the one-man-show has brought to light:

  • 2008.07.22: Initial release: just maps with their sovereignty status and one combined map of providence/catch
  • 2008.09.04: Region/System listing, Alliance Ranking, Sovereignty History, System Details, Outposts, Search function
  • 2008.10.24: Jumps/Kills. Alliance/Corp History, Alliance changes
  • 2008.11.12: Added a blog for more updates
  • 2009.02.02: Initial release of the moon mineral database
  • 2009.02.13: Band of Brothers got disbanded and everbody was rushing over their former land. Everybody was looking on DOTLAN EveMaps first when it happened. 400% increase in visitors.
  • 2009.02.17: Historical sovereignty maps
  • 2009.02.23: Cooperation with EVSCO to show kills in the last 24h in one particular system
  • 2009.03.28: Created an Intel manager for the old systems including sovereignty forecast (now decrepted)
  • 2009.06.12: Brand new navigation tools (Jumpplaner, Jumprange, Routerplaner), Universe Map
  • 2009.07.28: Colorized Map Overlay
  • 2009.12.01: DOTLAN Dominion Edition: Complete converted database, constant stream of sovereignty, faction warfare, outpost and alliance updates, zoomable maps, new IGB Integration, complete new background daemons
  • 2009.12.05: Sovereignty structure changes
  • 2009.12.07: CCP disables the sovereigntyStatus API (structures) *lol*
  • 2010.01.26: Jump Portal/Black Ops Fuel Calculator
  • 2010.06.05: Summer update: Live Ticker, RSS Feed Support, Full alliance/corporation changes down to ceo/description level, Planet stuff, added more info’s through client cache files (complexes, landmarks)
  • 2010.07.12: Switching to CCP’s image server for the source of corporation and alliance logos

What do other people thing about DOTLAN EveMaps:


DOTLAN EveMaps have always been my #1 stop to watch keep an eye on the potential locations of my future 0.0 cottage and wouldn’t have been as easy without it 🙂
Congrats and hope to see its continuous providance of great information!

Winterblink, Warp Drive Active Podcast

DOTLAN EveMaps is one of those shining examples of one person in the EVE community using both time and brain to create something awesome. It’s a one stop shop for the swirling mass of data which CCP externalizes, but put into a form that’s both easy to digest and totally useful. The more I play around with it, the more features I find that I didn’t realize were there before, and the more I end up using the service to mine the data it contains.

Dierdra Vaal, Director of the Eve University, CSM Member

I’ve been amazed at the way the DOTLAN EveMaps have evolved and grown. They were heavily used within Eve Uni for wormholes, and many of our FCs use the region maps. I think the DOTLAN EveMaps are the most complete eve-maps out there 🙂

Verite Rendition, Influcence Map

To me DOTLAN has become the defacto system and alliance tracker. It does something that wasn’t easy to do before: keeping a history of who holds what system, and being able to track the history and member corps of an alliance. In that respect alone it’s made it much easier to analyze the politcal situation of the game – you can’t talk politics without DOTLAN to provide the background.

More recently your additions to planet and moon contents have been quite helpful. Our corp members have been using to plan which planets to set up on for PI, and the moon list is always handy for figuring out who’s sitting on a juicy moon and should be relieved of it.

On a personal level of course, I owe you a great deal of thanks for your database backend. With CCP’s lackluster sovereignty API, it would be nearly impossible for me to continue offering my map without DOTLAN’s additional strategic index data. DOTLAN is not just a useful service in and of itself, but an excellent backend for building further services.

There was once a time where I played EVE without DOTLAN; I can’t say I’d like to return to such a time.

Mynxee, Noir., CSM 5 Chairwomon

I’m happy to provide a testimonial because you provide an awesome tool that I use frequently! I especially like the navigation features both for planning roams and capital jumps. I love the drag’n’drop feature for sorting waypoints; excellent search functionality; and wide variety of useful interactive information you provide. Thanks for a truly elegant tool…happy birthday and here’s to more years of success!

Tomcat, Leader of Wildy Inapproriate.

Truth be, ever since I found DOTLAN EveMaps I never used another map or jump planner related to eve. It was the best and still is the best one out there. When the POS manager feature was working it was also a fantastic and ground breaking thing until the chanced the way SOV worked. Simply put, When WI needed to know where to go to fail, we used DOTLAN EveMaps.

The Mittani, Goonswarm, Spy Master

DOTLAN is an invaluable strategic resource, I use it on a daily basis. Whether it’s plotting jump routes or finding an enemy’s achilles heel, this site does it all.

Vuk Lau, Leader of Morsus Mihi, CSM Member

DOTLAN is indispensable part of my daily EVE routine. Whatever information you need – you can find it on DOTLAN. If there wasn’t DOTLAN would be my homepage.
Awesome work Wollari, and Happy Birthday from Morsus Mihi

Verone, Veto Corp, CEO & Executor

DOTLAN EveMaps has become the number one stop for our corporation to keep up to date with sovereignty changes and track hostile alliances, their development and their influence. It’s also become our first source of intelligence and one of our primary tools for planning operations and keeping a close eye on how our sphere of operations is changing around us due to the fully dynamic and constantly updating mapping system and alliance tracking.

Couple that with more recent additions, such as the jump planner and factional warfare tools, and all around DOTLAN offers a lot of features that no other provider can bundle together so seamlessly into one package.

Congratulations on two years, I hope to continue using DOTLAN for our intelligence and logistics planning for many more.

Seleene, CEO Body Count Inc., former CCP Game Designer (Abathur)

Of all the player initiatives to emerge from the EVE Online community, the DOTLAN EveMaps site stands as one of the most well done, informative and useful.  Whether you are an alliance leader, a capital fleet commander or just a guy looking for some corp or alliance historical data, no other site provides the depth of information in one place.

Perhaps the best example of this I can give is when I was still working for CCP, I used DOTLAN more often than I did other informational tools to answer questions related to sovereignty and alliances.  On one occasion, when we were looking at how the new sov system would feed the API, I showed a room full of people several statistics.  When asked how I had gotten the information so fast and complete, I switched over to the browser and pulled up the DOTLAN website as an example of how players were already using the API.  “This is a PLAYER-made website??”

Wollari himself is an awesome guy whom I was proud to meet and shake hands with at the last FanFest.  Happy Birthday and never stop making things better!

High Load & Upcoming Event

Comments Off on High Load & Upcoming Event Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Lag, not only in Eve

As many of you already noticed, I had a couple outages in the last days. Those crashes mostly occurred in the late evening hours (20:00+ GMT) with very high memory usages which forced the server to start swapping and ending up in killing apache processes cause they weren’t responding anymore. Thankfully I just had to kill and restart the xen domain to get everything back online. But 2 crashes in a row withing 20 minutes isn’t funny.

I started live debugging slow queries, optimized indizes, optimized querys (over and over again), tried to remove the amount/duration of locking update/replace commands when updating the database in the background, assigned more memory (EveMaps was always running fine with only 2gb ram and has now 4gb available) and the last thing was now optimization the robots.txt cause google and other bots are having fun aswell on such a huge page with so much information all around New E. And yes, I found some situations when some chinese bots tried to request 300+ pages/map/etc within less then a minute.

Well even today I got a 4 hours ago, I suffered some very high load (load 30+) and swapping/iowait situations again. Well, atm I can just optimize and hope that the next evening it’s stable. During the rest of the day it’s always looking promising (load <0.3). I hope I get everything fixed and stable for the weekend, so I can get on holiday without having to worry about a potential crash.

Topic change: Upcoming event

On Thursday DOTLAN EveMaps gets officially 2 years. If there’s interest, I’ll open my Teamspeak 3 Server for some nice chatting in the evening. There will be a dedicated birthday posting with TS3 details coming up later.

Fly safe.

Overlay informations on PDF maps and other stuff

10 Comments; Monday, July 12th, 2010

Yesterday I deployed some smaller additions and polished some features. Mostly because of the weather I’m quite lazy to sit down and write a longer blog post. So lets quickly sum up the changes

  • Added the infolayer to all available map formats. For PDF Maps it’s ?overlay=type The infolayer options are the same like in the current map view
    Example: Pure_Blind-Fade-Deklein.pdf?overlay=const
  • Added a new combined map:
  • Changed the source for corporation and alliance logos to CCP’s Image Server.
  • Alliance member corporations and a couple other pages are showing the small corporation/alliance logo in the listing.
  • The (jump)range tool now allows you to select the maximum number of gates you wanna travel in your sub-capital ship.
  • The Live Ticker allows now to filter by Date or Date:Range (in the URL)
  • Some more internal updates an improving like redone the map caching and info/data system, improved my api daemon background tools, created an evemail notifier, etc.

I started to write a documentation for all the URL filters and customization options for maps and other stuff.

Upcoming Event

For those who’ve followed the forum thread on CAOD from the beginning should know that something is coming up. Maybe I’ll do an open TS day event, when I find enough time after work, if there are people  out, who wanna share their thoughts and opinions on this special day. I’ll make an additional post when it’s getting closer.

Over and out. I’ll try trying not to melt 🙂 At least the data center/server temperature seems to be stable.

Not only for your planetary invasion

13 Comments; Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Today, I decided not to do any more feature additions which I had in my head, but rather I should start writing Patch Notes and make Screenshot of all the new features and improvements. I don’t want to stress you today too much with #walloftext,  so I just give you this handy CCP-style list in the hands. Flame on!

Live Ticker:

  • All changes in the APIs that are being tracked by DOTLAN EveMaps are now available in the new central Live Ticker.
  • Additional to the already tracked APIs (Sovereignty, Alliances, Outposts, Faction Warfare Systems), I added Corporation Changes to the overall portfolio.
  • I unpacked about 8mil stored XML Files/API Results (about 35GB), nearly 2 years of data) for Corporations and replayed them all.  Alliance data got replayed as well for completing the database.
  • The following change types are now being tracked:
    • Alliance changes their executive corporation
    • Corporation gets a new CEO
    • Corporation moves their HQ
    • Corporation changes their description, url or logo
  • You can filter the live ticker by type (Sov, Ally, …) by action (Lost, Gain, …) or filter the changes for to one of the involved entities (Alliance, Corp, System, Constellation, Region, Faction) or a combination of multiple filters.
  • RSS/Feed Support is available for all changes and filters
  • I’m already waiting when the first IRC/Jabber bots start to announce sovereignty changes in your external alliance chats.


  • Changes in the corporation that are being tracked by DOTLAN EveMaps are now stored and available (Description, Logo, Url, CEO, HQ)
  • Corporation statistics are now available (memberCount)


  • Planets in Range / Moons in Range
    • Filterable by range: Light years / by number of (gate) jumps
    • Filterable by resource type (planet type / moon mineral from DOTLAN Moon Database)
  • Jump planner: added number of gate jumps between each cyno, so your cyno pilot knows, how many jumps he has to do.


  • Added all static DED Complexes (empire and 0.0 regions) from the local cache files (client)
  • Added the newly introduced Landmarks from cache files as well (this includes the old COSMOS beacons)
  • Added a new overlay filter for the map so you can easily find landmarks close to you. For details check the updated Celestial System pages.
  • Updated layout for Celestial Objects: More Icons, DED/Landmarks, Agents and Stations orbiting their respective object.
  • Detail pages for each object (Sun/Planet/Moon/Belt) with details about mass, radius, temperature, etc.
  • Recent events per system


  • With the help of cache files and some smaller calculations I’ve assigned every Station (including Player Build Outposts) their calculated orbit object (planet/moon)
  • A lot more details could be retrieved out of the cache files (including the station description), but due to the nature of local cache files, don’t expect to get them updated frequently.


  • New map info layer have been added
    • Each planet type (Temperate, Plasma, Lava, Gas, …)
    • Static DED Complexes(imported through client cache files)
    • Landmarks and COSMIC sites (imported through client cache files)
  • Regional planet distribution (already announced and live)


Tyrannis is live

5 Comments; Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Just a quick post: Thanks to zufu, who just released the MySQL version of the database dump for Tyrannis, the planet types are already updated on DOTLAN EveMaps. Enjoy the new planetary action and plan which planet you want to conquer.

More to come in the next days!

More details please

1 Comment Monday, May 10th, 2010

Some of you might have followed my twitter posts in the last days and realized that I was working a lot in the background. Most of the stuff was just background stuff and database preparation for upcoming future things but the most notable are those two.


  • Reintroduction of strategic levels ehm … sovereignty levels (how I’ll continue naming them)
  • Updated alliance history database (with now available graphs for system hold by strat ehm sov levels)
  • System statistics for jumps andkills (up to 30 days before I purge them)

Reintroduction of Sovereignty Levels

When dominion was launched in December, CCP removed the sovereignty levels from the API,  cause they got replaced by the new shiny index system for strategic/military/industry categories. Instead of replacing the sovereignty level with the harmless index levels, CCP introduced the sovereignty status API for sovereignty related structures but got removed a few days later … but that’s another story.

To not mess up with sovereignty database during the introduction and the pre-phase where people could move their sov stuff around without loosing their sovereignty level I decided remove them completely until CCP would introduce a Index API which never happened. Since I’m already having the date since when an alliance is holding that space I just turned it into the old sovereignty Level. (0..5 based).

Alliance History

But that wasn’t what I wanted to have in the end. So I took a copy of the sov database, deleted everything up to pre-dominion start and started to replay 7.5 GB of XML API Files which I had archived. After 2.5 hours I had a clean new shiny database with all the time-based strategic index ehm sovereignty level changes. Some more database work to merge the new changes on the alliance history database and I was nearly ready to go.

System Statistics

I know you all love statistics, especially the npc kills and  jumps which are important for the lone wormhole space tourists to check out the activity of their hidden backyard. You now have a dedicated page with all the juicy details and scroll back in time for up to 30 days, if you’re really interested on how many NPC you’ve killed per hour before you lost the system 🙂


Comments Off on Interview Friday, April 30th, 2010

Some days ago, the fellow blogger Kaar Baak started a campaign and send a questionnaire to the majority of EVE community developer with a big response. If you wanna ready my interview or one of the other devs check out his blog.

EvE Online Meta-Gaming: Meet the (Other) Devs #12 – DOTLAN

Preview of our interview:

What is name and current version of your app?
As DOTLAN EveMaps is a website there’s no real version number like in distributed programs. But even I’m doing all the work solo, I’m taking heavily use of SVN (subversion control system) to track my development and merge stuff from the dev trunk to the live page.
Current SVN Revision: 363 (March 2010)

How long have you been working on your app?
I first started in winter 2007 when I converted a PDF map of the region providence/catch into some PHP scripts which could generate his hand drafted map out of a database with regularly updates. Some weeks later I got the idea that such kind of a map would be useful for the complete eve player base and started to play around with JavaScript and SVG to build a map editor/generator. In July 2008 I finally released the first version of DOTLAN EveMaps which only contained maps, nothing else. In the past 1.75 years since the initial release the complete page got updated several times many features were added.

Valid XHTML Valid SVG PHP MySQL NGINX Webserver Pheal API Libary Firefox EVE Onlline Free SSL Secured By StartCom Twitter @wollari Facebook
API J:24 May 13:32 K:24 May 13:34 C:24 May 12:01 A:24 May 13:54 O:24 May 12:05 F:24 May 13:54 S:24 May 11:41 W:24 May 13:54