Our Iceland trip

1 Comment May 12th, 2014

DSCF3742This year we’ve decided to explore the country apart from the usual fanfest activities. Don’t get me wrong, the golden circle tour is still covers very nice places to see but it feels more like a very funny and cool school excursion with lots of your (adult) eve buddies :-). This year the golden circle tour was even shorter due to the Eve Monument ceremony, but I managed to get a few pictures here as well.

Renting a car and doing your own trip has lots of advantages over the bus trip: You can have a break where ever you want, decide when you want to make a coffee break and you don’t have to take care about the usually very tight bus schedule. The only downside of our trip: It was a very long trip, time and distance wise.

So where did we go? I had about 4 major way points planned in advance which I wanted to see:

  • DSCF3677Seljalandsfoss: That’s the waterfall where you can walk behind. Pretty impressive if you’ve the right waterproofed clothes with you.
  • DSCF3728Black Back around Vik/Reynishverfisvegur: This black beach (based on basalt/volcanic sand) is very impressive with it’s massive basalt rocks. I took a couple long exposure shots, got my shoes, socks, trousers and tripod soaked with salt water, but was was damn worth it.
  • DSCF3771Svartifoss/Skaftafell: This (yet another) waterfall needs a 2 km hike up the hills. If you’ve good weather conditions it’s well worth a trip and getting out of your car after a couple hours drive will be refreshing. The waterfall itself in this basalt canyon is impressive as well.
  • DSCF3808Jökulsárlón: This is the glacier lagoon where all the ice rocks that broke of the glacier try to travel towards the ocean.

It’s a 400 km ride but you can’t compare this distance with a highway in Germany where you’ve no speed limits. So take your time, look left and right, make a few unplanned stops here and there to get in touch with this wild and incredible nature.

Thanks to Marco, Georg, Brad, Zach and David who made this trip a very enjoyable, laughable and interesting trip! Every time again, hopefully next year.

Hope you enjoy my pictures (click read more):

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Fanfest 2014 in Pictures

2 Comments; May 11th, 2014

DSCF3977Impression from the Eve Online Fanfest 2014, the Events, Pub Crawls and the Party at the top of the world around it. If you prefer facebook, you can watch them there as well.

The 3rd party track wasn’t as long compared with last year but I’ll try to summarize with as few words as possible:

  • Current state: Authenticated Crest not ready yet: EVE API == authenticated stuff, CREST == public data
  • Limited SSO test will be coming soon for a few selected neutral sites to begin with
  • Developer license is nearly ready and all devs I’ve spoken with are very happy with it (sounds like no bullshit this time)
  • Industry API will change (of cause) due to the upcoming expansion
  • NEW War API will provide all (even historical) wars, including details, stats and all killmail references, RvB has a stupid amount of kills 🙂
  • SOON(tm) we’ll get new APIs for all the stats you can see on the ingame map (not yet defined further)
  • Planetary Interaction API will be available, but it only gets updated once you check it ingame (due to database updates)
  • Killmails: zkillboard dec’13 vs killmails in CCP’s database == 96,4% complete, but people in the intel tools roundtable had arguments against making all killmails public by default.
  • More yaml files? (Wasn’t it the other way around last year)
  • The new permaband song is my current favorite tune!

I got interviewed by EVE TV again. This time together with Reza Najafi (PL) and Carneros (LI3). Was a got talk and we didn’t got interrupted by the next upcoming session like my first interview 2011.


That’s basically my top things to remember from Fanfest’14. I’ll post pictures of our Icelandic trip across the southern part in a separate posting. Hopefully I’ve time next year for the next round.

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EVE Fanfest 2014

Comments Off on EVE Fanfest 2014 April 28th, 2014

imageOne year has already passed since my last visit of Iceland for the fanfest 2013. Currently I’m on the road to get to the airport. I’m looking forward to meet lots of new faces. A bit sad that few of my friends at CCP moved on to new adventure but that’s live.

If you have any kind of feature request or question look out for the guy in the DOTLAN shirt or jacket. It’ll either be my friend or me. Otherwise you find me on the usual social events like golden circle, pub crawl or blue lagoon party. I haven’t decided which sessions I want to attend but I’m more relaxed this year as I don’t expect any major change regarding CREST or any other API service anyway. 2 years ago CCP told us that CREST will be ready for summer, but they forgot to mention which year 🙂 okay we got a few public CREST calls that are awesome  and a few more are in the pipe. IMHO they did the right hing and started with public calls instead of a half baked private call set which wouldn’t be ready or opens to many security or legal questions. But I don’t see the SSO coming anytime soon.

I’ll post a summery next week. If you want to reach me you can do this via the social media channels like twitter, etc.


4 Comments; March 20th, 2014

RadarThis is a short service announcement: DOTLAN EveMaps is now reachable via native IPv6. The server and network was prepared for the IPv6 capabilities for quite some time but I always forgot to enable it and add the DNS records.

If you’re one of the few that enjoy a native or dual-stack IPv6 connection, enjoy it. You probably won’t have noticed it anyway 🙂

Faction Warfare Overhauled

2 Comments; March 19th, 2014

Couple days after CCP introduced the new Incursion CREST API, the old and long ignored Faction Warfare API got updated and now reveals the current Victory Points and Thresholds. With the help of this information we’re now able to determine the contested level in percent and even calculate the influence of DUST district ownership. The only information missing to be inline with the in-game militia dashboard is the upgrade level. But maybe this will change someday.

Special thanks to Jason Parks (the developer of Aura) who gave me some insight about faction warfare gameplay and what you guys really need to be shown.

Here’s the feature list:

  • Updated recent occupancy changes list
  • Faction page showing the owning systems and occupied systems of the factions territory
  • Faction stats (pilots, systems, victory points) are included as well (long time not used yet).
  • Showing state, contested level and dust influence
  • System pages are now showing occupancy changes similar to sovereignty changes for nullsec systems
  • System statistic pages are now showing long term stats for victory points, victory threshold, contested level (percent) and dust influence
  • on maps the contested systems is showing showing the contested level as a progress bar within the background color of the system (svg maps only atm)


Incursions are live

5 Comments; March 12th, 2014

CCP deployed the CREST endpoint for Sansha Incrusions today. I updated the site! Lets see how the progress tracking of the sansha influence looks like. On sisi there wasn’t so much activity.

Right now I’ve not yet decided where to put this incursions section into the site navigation. Maybe Universe. Any suggestions?


Incursions incoming

4 Comments; March 4th, 2014

CCP FoxFour announced yesterday on the forum that there’s a CREST point incoming for getting information and states about incursions. Yeah! Finally! It’s been a long time since I’ve asked for exactly one of those information layers that are public available on the ingame map but not accessible outside.

The CREST endpoint is already available on SISI to test, so I digged out some of my prepared stuff (long time ago) and writing the background update daemon and the started with the initial frontend. While it’s not yet completed and of course the CREST endpoint not migrated to TQ, I wanted to share the current state and look with you here.

This is what you get from the CREST endpoint:

  • Constellation and Staging System
  • State (Established, Mobilizing, Withdrawing)
  • Influence / System Control
  • Boss has been spotted

With the ability to track incursions changes and influence over time you’ll get a nice history about all the incursions, where they happend and how they progressed over time. I only have to decide in which section I’ll pack the incursions stuff into, so I don’t overload the navigation bar or the site structure. Toughts?

Here is what the current implementation looks like (with random data):

Standing Overlay

1 Comment February 21st, 2014

Some of you may have already stumpled across this feature (in fact it’s already online for 7 month). You can overlay your current ingame standings on the you all your favorite online maps.


Standing Overlay

How does it work? 

If you’ve a API Key added to your user profile, you can select one character which standings (alliance + corp + personal) are getting used to be shown on the map like in the example image above. Your standings (of the selected char) are getting updated once every 24h as long you’ve been logged in on DOTLAN EveMaps during the last 7 days. Otherwise you can manually request an update on the standings page.

P.S.: I’ll try to introduce you to a couple features that have been added over the time but never got mentioned in the blog as an announcement.

Switch to zKillboard

7 Comments; February 13th, 2014

5 years ago that I’ve integrated killmails from eve-kill.net into DOTLAN EveMaps. With the recent development that Karbowiak, Squizz and others from the Team EVSCO have put into their next-generation killboard zKillboard it was only a matter of time until I should switch to the better and more flexible API.

zKillboard Integration

After a short examination I had some ideas that would fit perfectly into the theme and would make the integration more useful. Their new API allows me to walk more deeply through zKillboard’s whole database. Therefore the display isn’t limited anymore to the last 48h as it was before. You now get “endless scrolling”: You can now scroll down as far as you want, you even can select a specific date where you wanna start look at killmails of the selected system, alliance or corporation. For more details you can always hop over to zKillboard to get the full coverage for your favorite battle.

And with the new announced killmail cREST endpoint this all sounds very promising.


Thank you

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Couple days we reached my 100% goal for the donation drive (1.500€). The EVE Online community is really the best and I’ll try to do my best to provide a useful and stable service. In the mean time I’ve already ordered my replacement drives, ssds, etc and even opted to get more RAM (all ~2.500€). More memory is always better, ZFS loves more memory and it provides me more flexibility when playing around with other virtual servers.

In the beginning I’ve asked for opinions regarding the storage solution. At this point I was about 90% sure that I’ll go with the hardware raid controller (which I had experience with) and some SAS drives. But you all and some friends poked me in my back and pointed me into a different direction. ZFS! I’ve had used ZFS at work multiple times but always in combination with Solaris. ZFSonLinux has left a bad taste in my mind due to its first linux introduction zfs-fuse) and the license issue (the reasons why zfs is not part of the official kernel). The more I was reading and researching about performance tuning, integrity and features the more I felt comfortable with it. And not having to buy the 600€ HW Raid Controller offered me the possibility to buy more SSDs which I could use as ZIL/SLOG (write-log for sync) and L2ARC (Read Cache) to speed up the overall performance of the storage.

As mentioned yesterday on twitter: I got everything prepared and within 1.5 hours I could swap out the drives, insert the controller, do the cabling and do some basic tests. The migration of the storage itself is/was something that I wanted to do later after I’ve tested everything. Apart from some minor issues (not all of the ram got recognized (again, more on this later) and forgot to check the system clock) it all went smooth.

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