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-Welcome pilots!+The Sleepers are, as the other ancient races, descendants of humans and populated New Eden thousands of years ago before they vanished. These days the only remains of them in New Eden are ruins and strange artifacts....
-The Enochian Order is focused exclusively on one goal: NPC Pirate Eradication+“ ...and he led astray Eve, and showed the weapons of death to the sons of men, the shield and the coat of mail, and the sword for battle, and all the weapons of death to the children of men.” – Enoch 69:6
-Core playstyle: PVE in Hi Sec+ For thousands of years, the hope for all people of New Eden has been to know their beginning so they can better understand the future. The science of Earthology has intrigued many, ultimately leading only to a handful of theories of which faith can only hang.
-Enemy: All pirate factions (Angel Cartel, Guristas, Serpentis, Blood Raiders, Sansha)+ On Y26.7.11...a small group of mining vessels stumbled upon a shattered asteroid near the original Gate of EVE. Upon investigating this asteroid even further, they began to uncover hundreds of data shards that showed signs of early human life…even historical documentation referring back to the beginning of “Earth”. Obviously this asteroid had somehow drifted through EVE’s Gate before it collapsed and had become a time capsule for these miners to uncover.
-Two methods of operation (*Group play):+ Immediately, once these miners transported their valuable cargo into high security space, Concord confiscated the data shards, giving the rogue miners no opportunity to explain their findings. Over almost ninety years, nothing was heard again of these shards….until now.
-1. Empire faction ship fleets - Each major empire faction has its own line of ships which most pilots choose to specialize in one. These pilots will fleet up with corp/alliance members of the same faction ship class to take on NPC pirate missions. For example, a Minmatar fleet might have a couple of Slasher ships, Thrasher, Rupture, Hurricane, and a Maelstrom.+An elite group of capsuleers in the Kor-Azor region received a distress signal from a beacon near the system of Ordion. Upon investigating, they discovered that the signal was coming from the mining colony in Ordion. This was not a routine operation, for not only did they receive the call, but everyone did…including pirates in the system.
-2. Pseudo Ops - Not many pilots are familiar with this unique style of combat that takes advantage of the pirate faction ships available. Pseudo-operations are those in which forces of one power disguise themselves as enemy forces such as the Angel Cartel, Guristas, Serpentis, Blood Raiders, and Sansha. Once the mission enemy is known, then all pilots can plan ship strategies.+ The unorchestrated gathering of ships at this mining colony turned into a massive battle of epic proportions, destroying nearly two thirds of the colony. The distress signal had come from an asteroid deep within one of the refining plants on the colony. Concord had dispersed the data shards they confiscated years ago across all of New Eden in hopes of hiding this long lost treasure.
- Angel Cartel Ships - Dramiel, Daredevil, Cynabal, Machariel 
- Blood Raider Ships - Cruor, Ashimmu, Bhaalgorn 
- Guristas Ships - Worm, Gila, Rattlesnake 
- Serpentis - Vigilant, Vindicator 
- Sansha - Succubus, Phantasm, Nightmare 
-What we don't do: Accept missions against the major empire factions to keep standings high. This will keep our scope of operations open to all of empire space. 
-* Not required to be a part of the Enochian Order. All pilots can still focus on solo requirements such as industry, planetary interaction, and manufacturing, as well as participate in mining operations offered by other corp or alliance members.+ Unknowingly, the data shards would all eventually release a distress signal at different times…over hundreds of years. The elite group of capsuleers that answered the initial call to the data shard in Ordion has now began to receive signals much deeper in space....Wormholes.
-Please address any questions to Silod Fiddast 

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