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-Dead Six Initaitive. 
-Applications by mail or convo. Applying directly to corp without talking to someone will be rejected. +Dead Six Initaitive. Applications by mail or convo. Applying directly to corp without talking to someone will be rejected.
-Please see our website URL for our custom API requirements. Do not uncheck anything, and make sure the API key is account wide and non-expiring.+PVE: Mining, Production, Missions, Exploration
-Please note that few of our Ops are mandatory. We know Real-Life (That thing that involves sun and stuff) comes first. Just give us a 24 hour notice is you intend to burst into flames. We also do not participate in Faction Warfare. 
-What we expect in applicants- 
-Honesty, Determination, Patience, Respect. 
-What we are currently recruiting for- 
-Industrialists (Mining/Manufacture/Research/Planetary Interaction) 
-If you, or someone you know can offer these professions, please visit the suicide booth nearest you. If you lost your roll of quarters and need to make some money, keep reading! 
-Fleet Operations 
-Friendly Environment, Newbies or Veteran 
-Flexible Working Environment 
-Active & Friendly Alliance 
-For those of you looking at ways to make money beyond selling your bodies, we offer the following either ourselves or through the alliance. Just remember. If you're not Kyle and looking for ways to screw Cartman, you're not a jew. 
-Orca Support for miners 
-Ore/Mineral/Mod/PI Buyback program 
-Constant access to local lv4 missions 
-Exploration opportunities 
-Lowsec presence 
-Wormholes (coming SOON!) 
-If you're bored and the one-handed warrior wing doesn't appeal to you, try these In-Game activities instead. Just remember. If you get blown up watching porn while playing EVE, you will be laughed at. But that's okay! 
-If you made it this far, join the channel Dead Six Recruitment and speak with some of our members.+PVP: Low-sec, Null-sec, Wormholes, where we can get a good fight.
-That's the “Quick and Easy. Here's the TL;DR 
-Okay. So, we have an undeniable fact these days. PVP is inescapable. Highsec poses more threats to overall security than even nullsec does, or so things appear. Our... Mission, shall we call it, is put simply, to exist. How we exist however is another matter entirely. 
-We live in a Sandbox, something that rivals even life itself in its' ingenuity and depth of scale. We have an opportunity, as well. “Live” our EVE careers as we see fit. There are open threats, indeed. However, even more so, we must make our own paths. When you play the game, you take risks. You take risks, you lose ships, you lose ships, you lose assets. In the end, if you're careless, you lose your pod. 
-An inescapable risk indeed. 
-Above all else, the one lesson I want to get across to everyone is what I said above. You play, you risk. Simple as that. As such, if you can't afford to fly it, don't. If it doesn't seem like a good idea, it probably isn't. Keep in mind however the gravity of the cycle we're taking part in. We mine. We PVP. We mission. We -live.- When we mine, if we don't have support and jetcan, we can expect to lose ore. If we roam, we can expect to be jumped if we're not careful. 
-We are neither pirates nor mercenaries. We simply are. 
-Do you have what it takes? 

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