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 +"Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger, more than ever, hour after hour, our work is never over"
 +Countries - more welcome
 +*America - -5 EST
 +*Australia - +10/+11 AEST
 +*Europe - 0 GMT/ +1 UTC
 +Hey guys, Twisted Realms is a community driven wormhole corporation. Based in the ever changing labyrinth of wormhole-space; Everyday our W-space neighbourhood shifts opening new doors to, shattered space, humongous asteroids, elusive relics and the ever lucrative gas clouds. Within our corporation there are 3 seperate divisions; Exploration, Industrial and Trade.
 +Exploration - Intel, wormhole scouting PvE sites and Data/Relic sites
 +Industrial - Resource extraction, processing and product manufacture
 +Trade - Transport of goods into/out of W-space
 +We here at Twisted Realms believe that no matter how you contribute you should be well rewarded. Scouts are payed to regularly maintain, the bookmarks and W-space mapping services. Haulers are always given a percentage cut of what they haul and dedicated salvagers get a percentage of what they uncover. We also operate under the mandate that there should always be direction provided by leadership, in the form of manufacture, mining or otherwise, as a result you can expect regular operations every other day. Regular operations include but are not limited to gas/ore mining, data/relic hacking, PvE roams, Hauling, etc.
 +Feel free to open private conversation with any of our recruiters
 +CEO/Diplomat/Recruiter - Mirahann Kilaszoul

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