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 +Unity of Suns main goal is to have fun expand and grow in a friendly environment where you feel right at home. We've pilots from the EU and NA so where you live in real life makes no difference to us. All are welcome.
 +What do we offer?
 +â—™ Fully Boosted mining ops.
 +â—™ LVL 4 Missions
 +â—™ New player friendly.
 +What do we expect?
 +â—™ NO DRAMA between members and others.
 +â—™ Must be willing to help other members.
 +â—™ Be on Mumble with a working mic.
 +â—™ Be willing to train other pilots.
 +â—™ Be a team player.
 +â—™ No Trial accounts.
 +We strongly encourage our members to be willing to step up and lead activities. be off station as much as possible when logged on but when it comes to real life you'll always find we're more than very understanding about EVE being just a game and RL (real life) will always come first,
 +click below advertisment to make an application to join us.
 +Unity of Suns - Rebuilding Corp Looking for You........
 +Or join us in
 +UoS Recruitment
 +for a chat......

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