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  merchant bankers utd.  merchant bankers utd.
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-Send 1 isk if you read this and it's 2015 
 +Consider sending us 1 isk as a courtesy if u took the time to open this tab. Thank you
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 +(Disclaimer: No personally identifiable information is collected as part of your donation. If you choose to donate, we will not under any circumstances sell the information we collect to 3rd parties for profit, nor will we use your information to perform morally reprehensible acts, such as trying to scam you. Additionally, by sending us 1 isk you are not giving us full rights or possession to your immortal soul in the event of an inevitable afterlife. These terms may change in the future without any prior notice, and by sending us 1 isk you hereby automatically agree to any and all future changes we may make to this contract. Have a nice day)

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