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 **NRDS** **NRDS**
 +Unity of Suns: The focus of -UOS- is the development, manufacture and deployment of Capital Class Parts in the Providence and Domain regions. The parts trade offers Unity of Suns a chance to compete in the fore-mentioned regions as a trade-orientated industrial corporation. -UOS- seeks to offer the region with the best prices on Capital parts in order to further our profits and the interests of its members.
 +Read more at:
-Unity of Suns main goal is to have fun expand and grow in a friendly environment where you feel right at home. We've pilots from around the world so where you live in real life makes no difference to us. All are welcome.+
-What do we offer? +What can we offer?
 +* A friendly community specializing in many game play sectors (it's up to you which path you choose)
 +* An environment where both solo and team based players can flourish and somebody is always on-line to fly with
 +* Multiple teamwork opportunities and an understanding that RL comes first, ALWAYS
 +* Alliance buyback programs, advice, general chat/discussions, help and advice, DPS backup in nullsec and more
 +* Access to usable BPCs, equip, ship loans and Ship Replacement Programs, Nullsec citadels
 +* Access to Manufacturing, copying, inventing and research stations
 +* Access to multiple POS's and their facilities
 +* Mining, PVE, PI, Exploration, Industrial opportunities and operations access via our multitude of alliance members
 +* Null sec access containing multiple opportunities
 +* Region Jump-bridge networking to shorten travel times
 +* TS3/Mumble/Discord communication channels
 +* Access to region hauling network and jump freighter hauling access
 +* Max Rorqual Boosts avail
 +* Max Orca Boosts avail
 +* Standing Fleets avail in HS/NS
 +* Excellent Ore Mining Locations
 +* Excellent Ice Mining Locations
-â—™ Fully Boosted mining ops.+* Gas Mining opportunities
-â—™ Combat Oppertunities (PVP & PVE) 
-â—™ New player friendly. 
 +* Plenty of PVP opportunities should you desire them
 What do we expect? What do we expect?
-â—™ NO DRAMA between members and others. 
 +* Full account, non-expiry API key
 +* Drama Free game play
 +* Willingness to work with others within the corp, alliance and coalition
 +* Ability to connect to TS3/Discord
-â—™ Must be willing to help other members.+* Respect given to all players
-â—™ Be on TS with a working mic. 
-â—™ Be willing to train other pilots. 
-â—™ Be a team player. 
-â—™ No Trial accounts. 
 +* Ability to follow CVA Rules and the NRDS policy
-We strongly encourage our members to be willing to step up and lead activities. be off station as much as possible when logged on but when it comes to real life you'll always find we're more than very understanding about EVE being just a game and RL (real life) will always come first, +Contact W4RP Recruit to have any questions answered.
-W4RP Recruit  
-for a chat......+o7

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