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-BLF recruitment is very selective. Please send DiamondEdges an eve mail with your limited api and username. This info stays private, we simply confirm skills. with this info.+Recruitment is selective, please eve-mail DiamondEdges with your application. Please include any and all information you feel will be usefull to us to determine wether or not you would be a good match for our corporation.
-We are looking for pilots that like to do one or more fo the following. +What we expect of you-
--Missions / complexes+-To be respectful to others in local and corp chats.
 +-Be self dependant, we help when we can but all members need to be able to make their own isk, get ships and move things as they need it.
 +-PvP when we need it. No one is forced to PvP daily or go on PvP ops, however when a director or CEO states we need you in group to kill people you need to be there and willing to loose your ship without whineing about it.
 +-Read the corp mails we send out, theese contain our code of cunduct / rules and other important information.
 +-Be a team player. We like our members to have a good time, and work together to achieve the goals wether it's your own goals or corporate goals.
 +-Be patient, things don't happen instantly as much as we would love them to. Patience is key to harmony in a corporation. We get things done as quicly as possible.
 +-Don't be stupid. And by this we mean exactly that, running your ship into gangs of enemy or pirates, going afk in belts and missions excetra, this is really dumb and if it becomes habit, you will be kicked out.
 +-=What you can expect of us=-
 +*A semi relaxed corporation that sets goals that are achieved as a team.
-We have plans on building up our resources for production and possibly a few poses. +*A command staff that is experianced, trusted, and willing to whatever they can to help you out.
 +*A fun group of people who have a sence of humor, and like to use it allllll the time O.o
 +*A growing corporation with room for advancement over time depending on evaluations wich are done by the command staff as a council.
 +#If you have any questions prior to putting in an application please feel free to eve mail them to DiamondEdges and we will make sure someone in command gets back to you within 48 hours.#
-Capital ship pilots are welcome however we do not cap blob much so please have other skills to go along with it.  
-This corporation runs a loot and mineral buyout program for all you miners and mission whores. 

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