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-Svea Rike - The oldest, largest and most active Swedish nullsec pvp-corp in EVE-Online. +u'Svea Rike - Was the oldest, largest and most active Swedish nullsec pvp-corp in EVE-Online for 15 years.
 +Now the corp rests and all active players have left.
-Oldest - Founded 2004 +Founded 2004.
-Largest - ~25 IRL members 
-Most Active - all members are active players, inactive players kicked 
-Nullsec - since 2006, part of all major nullsec wars last 13+ years 
-Pvp - Yes, that's what we focus on, mostly in the large wars 
-Swedish - Japp! Vi snackar Svenska på coms! 
 (Only accepting Swedish speaking pilots!) (Only accepting Swedish speaking pilots!)
 Videos created by Svea Rike: Videos created by Svea Rike:
-I'm not you, I'm CO2 +I\'m not you, I\'m CO2
 We are coming! We are coming!
 Goodbye CO2 Goodbye CO2
 A new hope! A new hope!
 Return of the CO2 Return of the CO2
 Svea is a Team Svea is a Team
 We speak Swedish We speak Swedish
 We play golf We play golf
-Svea Rike är det äldsta, största och mest aktiva helt Svensk-språkiga pvp-corpet i EVE-Online.  
-Vi är baserade i nullsec och lägger stor vikt på att våra medlemmar är aktiva. 
-Svea Rike erbjuder dig: 
-1. Stark gemenskap och trevliga medlemmar 
-2. PvP i alla former från "small gangs" till "Huge blobs"  
-3. Tillgång till den bästa 0.0-regionen med många fullt uppdaterade system för ratting, combat plexing, mining ice/ore, industri och PI.+Svea Rike var det \xe4ldsta, st\xf6rsta och mest aktiva helt Svensk-spr\xe5kiga pvp-corpet i EVE-Online i \xf6ver 15 \xe5r. Corpet var baserat i nullsec och la stor vikt p\xe5 att v\xe5ra medlemmar var aktiva.
-4. Möjlighet att som medlem kunna untnyttja moon-mining för reaktioner mm 
-5. Över 13 års erfarenhet av 0.0 
 ------------------------------- -------------------------------
 Rekryterinskanal: SR Recruit  Rekryterinskanal: SR Recruit
-Öppen kanal för frenemies: SR Publik +\xd6ppen kanal f\xf6r frenemies: SR Publik
 Kontakter/Contacts: Kontakter/Contacts:
-Emmy Mnemonic - CEO, Diplo Contacts. Recruitment. Making Ideas Fly. Poor video editor. Shoot and scoot.+Mr Mnemonic - The new CEO handling the corp while it is resting
 +Akakabooto - ex CEO. Viking from the Swdish north, where winter IS coming! Latest project: new man-cave. Will lock you up in a small room and guard you if you\'ve been naughty!
 +Eman Rente - ex Co-CEO and Director. ex-CEO. Big and Bigger ships! Glider pilot, karate-expert, can teach you anything. He-man Master of the Universe
 +Shiny Ex - ex Director and ex-CEO. Our first CEO from 13+ years ago. He is old, but still alive! Barely! Likes to play with electricity.
 +Isvind - ex Director. Newly appointed, but not a r00kie! He will litterally gut you and analyze your stomach!
 +Emmy Mnemonic - ex Director and ex-CEO. IPSC shooter and weapons salesman. Ethics: -"if I don\'t sell them, someone else will".
-Jessica Maroon - Co-CEO, Diplo Contacts. Combines Monty Pythons "The architect" (not the brain surgeon!) with "The Office" in one man.+Jessica Maroon - ex Director and ex-CEO. Consistantly cheers for the wrong soccer-team. He is the architech, not the brain-surgeon!'
-Akakabooto - Director. Industry-matters matters. Grumpy Viking from north of Sweden, drinks mead. Guards you if you've been naughty! 
-Eman Rente - Director. Big and Bigger ships! Glider pilot, karate-expert and He-man Master of the Universe  
-Shiny Ex - Director. Our first CEO from 12+ years ago. He is old, but still alive! Barely!  

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