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-Low/Null-sec PvP and PvE corp.+u'A small North American corporation that mainly focuses on PvP, but also do PvE and Mining on the side.
-CEO: Relve Aishai  
 +\u25c7 Small Gang/Yeet Fleets
 +\u25c7 Null sec Based
-Director: BeastlyKnightJ +\u25c7 Relax Environment
-If interested in joining, come hang out in our pub chat and say hi to everyone. +Interested in joining? Talk to a Recruiter in our public channel!
-RONA Pub  
 +Pub Channel: RONA Pub '

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Resources 2021-09-28 20:00:10 Corporation Description
Alliance Potentially Dangerous Member 354
Corporation Regiment Of Naga Association Member 69
PHP MySQL NGINX Webserver Firefox EVE Onlline Twitter @wollari Facebook
API J:11 Jun 00:17 K:11 Jun 00:44 C:11 Jun 00:00 A:11 Jun 00:52 O:04 Jun 11:15 F:11 Jun 00:42 S:10 Jun 11:34 W:11 Jun 00:15