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 +The Saxum Alliance is a corporation that was founded as a merger, combining years of leadership and experience into a new entity that has the focus for content, wealth at every level within the corporation, offering a strong foundation for the future and a great place for friends.
 +We are primarily a US Timezone group, we are actively building our EU divison.
 +We offer things such as;
 +- Corporation Buyback Program
 +- Corporation SRP (On top of Alliance SRP)
 +- Cheap Jump Freighter service.
 +- Wormhole Krab Fleets
 +- Strong Leadership and community
 +- A home.
 +Michael Karn
 +Please contact one of the above for recruitment needs or diplomatic concerns either through game or through Discord.
 +For Diplo, recruitment, other: SAAX Pub

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