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 What we are : What we are :
-0.0 Multi-aspect Corporation +0.0/Highsec multi-aspect Corporation
 As a Corp we provide : As a Corp we provide :
 +★ Laid back and fun enviroment with players differ of various ages.
 +★ Sosial corp with easy to reach goals, down to earth expectations.
 +★ PVE fleet oppertunities in mostly around caldari/amarr space.
 +★ Short term aswell as long term goals in the game.
 â˜… An Alliance with 0.0 space. â˜… An Alliance with 0.0 space.
-★ PvE fleet's various 4's & 5's 
 â˜… Ratting. â˜… Ratting.
-★ PvP training / Regular Ops / Cap Ship support +★ PvP training / Regular Ops
 â˜… Small Fleet Ops / Hac Fleet / RR Fleet / Nano Fleet â˜… Small Fleet Ops / Hac Fleet / RR Fleet / Nano Fleet
 â˜… Pos Bash / Campaigns â˜… Pos Bash / Campaigns
-★ Usa / Eu / Aussies +★ EU / Aussies / US
 â˜… Teamspeak3 â˜… Teamspeak3
-Atleast 1 year old toon+What we are looking for:
-5m skillpoint restriction minimum 
-Age 20++
 +★ At least 5m sp preferably combat focused.
 +★ PVE pilots to run atleast 4's
 +★ PVP pilots to have atleast some combat experience
 +★ Activity (We want to see you more than 30 minutes /a week)
 +★ Laid back, social players who enjoy the game and the company of others.
 +★ Self Sufficient, We do expect our pilots to be able to handle their own thou help can be provided if in dire need.
 More info : Join our Public Channel Industry of Death PUB More info : Join our Public Channel Industry of Death PUB
 Recruiting Officers Recruiting Officers
 USA :- james Rockwell, Min3rva USA :- james Rockwell, Min3rva
 EU :- Valkyrie Aeris, israfil Azrael, karnoz EU :- Valkyrie Aeris, israfil Azrael, karnoz

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