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-Looking For: 
--Miners = be able to fly a Mining Barge or better. 
--Haulers = at least have Indy 5 for any race. 
--PVPers = be able to hold your own with a Battlecruiser. 
--Recruiters = Bonus for player referrals who join. 
-Leadership Positions are always open, show us your skills, we will promote you! 
-Members must be mature, active, and team players. 
-Corp: 3MI has a low tax rate(ONLY at 3%), many bpo's- t1, rigs, and capital BPO's. 
-Corp: offers mineral buys, discounted mods, t1, t2 and capital ships and their mods.+If you need assistance with anything your contacts within the corporation are:<br><br>Senzite, additional recruiters to be added at a later date Add "3MI" to your chat comm<br><br>WELCOME to 3MI <br><br>3MI is heading back to null space to join up with old friends and hang with new ones.<br>Senzite is the Ceo of this corp. Mail all Applications to him personally.<br>Please take a moment to copy and paste the application below: <br><br>About you:<br><br><br>1. How old are you ?<br>2. Where are you from ? Which Country ?<br>3. What do you do in real life(etc. work, student , general slacker) ?<br>4. Real Life family (etc. married , single , kids) ?<br>5. How much time do you spend online per week (etc. 10hrs , 50hrs...)<br>6. Behavior (etc. mature guy , fun guy , shy person) ?<br>7. Leadership skills ? (etc. if you have been an FC , Director , Ceo in your previous corp/s)<br>8. Have you been away from the game ? if so when, approximately for how long each time and for what reason ?<br>9. Have you used comms before? if so which ones. TS, Vent, Mumble, etc <br><br><br>About your in game character(s):<br><br><br>1. How much SP do you have ?<br>2. What skills can you highlight(e.g i'm a good bs,cs or "xx" pilot) , if you have any capital skills please make sure you list them ?<br>3. What do you do in eve (e.g i do pvp and/or mining .....) ?<br>4. Have you ever lived in 0.0 before and what did you do there ?<br>5. What eve time do you play in (e.g between 17:00 - 22:00 and 04:00 - 09:00) ?<br>6. How do you make isk in eve ?<br>7. What do you know about 3MI ?<br>8. Give a good reason, why you want to join the corp ?<br>9. What do you think you can bring to our corp ?<br>10. How did you find about us ?<br>11. Why have you left your previous corp(s) ?<br>12. What do you expect from us as a corp ?<br>13. Please provide us with a link of your previous corp/alliance kill board and/or battleclinic stats.<br>14. Do you have any alts and if so please list them and the purposes you use them for ?<br>15. Please provide us with a full list of all your characters (including the noob alts). If you don't feel comfortable posting it , please send the list to one of our recruiters that will interview you.<br><br>16. If any of your characters were bought please state in here and provide us with a link to the buy/sell thread on eve-o. If you have acquired any chars from friends please state here as well and state aprrox when did that happen. Again as in point 15 if you are not comfortable making a public post , please send the links to your interviewer.

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