Harbingers of War
Name Harbingers of War
Ticker GMHOW
Alliance -
Faction -
Ceo R Struction
Members 28
Tax Rate 5%
corporationID 98687095

Members [28]


Harbingers of War is a Gallente corporation that seeks out opportunities for ISK & risk throughout New Eden.

Regardless of your chosen career path (or lack thereof), we have opportunities for you. Seasoned vet or newbro, we have a home for you. We are looking for:

- Enforcers: To run missions and improve standings for these corporations and their respective factions: Boundless Creations, Brutor Tribe, Caldari Navy, Emperor Family Academy, Federation Navy, and Sisters of Eve. Including small fleets to clear NPCs from belts and combat anomalies.
- Explorers: To map cosmic signatures and wormholes, clear data and relics sites, and scout for fleets.
- Industrialists: To mine, ice and gas, with fleets that vary between High-Sec, Low-Sec, Null-Sec, and J-Space. Courier contracts from the corporation, it's members, clients, and allies may also be available.
- Soldiers of Fortune: To fight for freedom and democracy by enlisting and fighting for either the Gallente or Minmatar Militia in Low-Sec hunts, roams, and camps. As a non-militia pilot, support local economy by eliminating neutrals in camps, hunts and roams through Low-Sec, Null-Sec, and J-Space. Occasional escort for courier transport through aforementioned areas.

Taxes and profits go towards corporate activities, growth, and development. We offer:
- Competitive Jita Buy Back
- Supplies & equipment at cost
- Varity of fleets and activities from PvE to PvP and those in-between.

Interested parties are encouraged to join our in-game channel Harbingers of War or message R Struction

Sovereignty systems [0]

The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
Last Update: 2023-12-10 20:32:13
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