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Interplanetary strategic alliance (I.S.A for short) is a coalition of players looking to become one of the larges holders of space in the universe of EvE. Working to build large amount of space and ground based industrial and military installations. We are active in working with other corps wether they are in an alliance or not. We work both with industrial corporations and help them to provide security and capital ship support as well as working with mercenary corporations in getting contracts and work from both ourselves and other corporations we work with. We also work with independent corp in setting up and running space and ground installations.

We are divisional based corp and each division has there own role in the corp and must provide the corp with regular batch of items relater to there division. The corp is set up of the following divisions.

Every division is controlled by a veteran command of the aspect of the game and they all become members off our command staff that rules the corp and have great responsibility in the corp and will become a member of our command staff that have the job on getting to a decision on behalf of the corp.

Our navy personal is responsible for small time security during mining ops as well as working to secure zones in low and 0.0 sec. They actively hunt for enemy players during corp wars. Members of the navy are professional PvP players that know what they are doing and work on making our corp secure. (Rank based)

Our Diplomat division works on getting contracts with other corps as well as act as our face and voice to the world. They have a rather easy life but are active in recruitment at all times and on the lookout for good players to join us.

Like you may have guest the Industrial division dose, what do you know, industrial work. They work on getting the minerals we need and have mining ops. We look for mining barge/Exhumer pilots as well as any pilot that can and has a orca will be great to give us a better and easier mining ops. We are a largely industrial corp so we are always looking for more industrial pilots to work on building great things. We provide some blueprints as well as we will provide private blueprint research installations. Mining barge or exhumer is not a must but we like all industrial members to work on getting them(they are not regarded as the best mining ships in the game for no reason)

Our business division is comprised of members that are active on the market and will work on building our empire through the market.

Star and ground based infrastructure:
Players that work on setting and maintaining star base and ground base industrial infrastructure and military installations. They mine ice for our POS and will work active on ground based work when Tyrannis comes out. They will need to be able to fly mining barges and transport ships(everything from industrial ships to freighters) as they will need to mine ice in large amounts and then move the ice to stations for refining and then move the stuff they get to storage. They will work closely with our industrial and military personal in setting up and refueling space and ground installations.

Are you running a industrial corp and want to set up a trade network and work with another corp for more profit. Contact our CEO or our C-CEO by mail with what you are interested in and we will look into it and will have a nice talk as soon as we find time.

Are you running a PMC(private military contractor) corp and looking for contracts. We are a corp that is looking to expand and set up a large and strong trade network with many types of corporations. Contact our CEO with info about what service you can provide, how strong you corp is in terms of raw fighting power and how much you take for your service. We will add you to a list were we will go into in the case we need your help or have someone that dose. We are looking into low and 0.0 sec expansion and mining

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The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
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