Intergalactic Peace Organization
Name Intergalactic Peace Organization
Ticker 1-DAY
Alliance -
Faction -
Ceo Benedictum XVI
Members 8
Tax Rate 0.1%
corporationID 678706193

Members [8]


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This corporation is all about (crushing?) peace and freedom. We care about having positive standings standings with our (powerful?) neighbours, so please contact us if you consider yourself powerful enough to be noticed. We are loyal to curatores veritatis alliance.
Joining this corporation will grant access to numerous stations in 0.0 space (???).

Contact Dark Imperium For diplomacy issues and recruitment. (??)

Public Channel: 1-DAY

Recruiting PvPers with 5M SP minimum. (More like 1M SP tbh if you actually show up for the interview)
Considering mergers from smaller corps.

Pilots must be capable of some pvp or recon/intel work.
\u25ba - All combat pilots must fly some T2 ship or a blackbird. Or a rifter.
\u25ba - All industrial pilots must be able to fly a frigate or cruiser fit for PVP and Gang Warfare. (Exhumers will be expected to fly t1 fitted frigates).
Or a rifter.
\u25ba - All combat pilots require the Remote Armor Repair Systems skill - please train it to level III. (if you want)

Apply at our HQ.

Leadership positions available.


Join Channel 1-DAY for additional recruitment info.


Sovereignty systems [0]

The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
Last Update: 2023-12-10 19:29:22
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