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Name UniverseMap H7S-5I Planets 8 Jumps 1h/24h 91 292
Region UniverseMap The Kalevala Expanse Moons 18 Ship Kills 1 1
Constellation UniverseConstellation U-HSM3 Belts/Icebelts 3 NPC Kills 327 7916
Security Level -0.39 Security Class K4 Pod Kills 1 1
Alliance, Corp Pandemic Horde <REKTD>, The Horde Holding Corp Local Pirates Drones
Minerals Bistot, Crokite, Dark Ochre, Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Scordite, Spodumain, Veldspar, Omber (not accurate)

Celestial Object: H7S-5I V - Moon 1

Density 497.16 g/cm³
Eccentricity 0.01
Escape Velocity 0.113 km/s
Mass Dust 2.075e+19 kg
Mass Gas 159,087,000 kg
Orbit Period 0.179 days
Orbit Radius 119,843,000 km
Pressure Very low
Radius 215 km
Surface Gravity 0.03 m/s²
Temperature 53.05 K
atm Atmospheric Gases
eva Evaporate Deposits
eva Evaporate Deposits
hyd Hydrocarbons
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API J:22 May 22:46 K:22 May 22:44 C:22 May 22:00 A:22 May 23:37 O:04 Jun 11:15 F:22 May 23:26 S:22 May 11:34 W:22 May 23:15