The Raven Dynasty
Name The Raven Dynasty
Ticker TRORC
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Ceo EVE System
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Tax Rate 10%
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Raven Dynasty Members:

• Formed the corporation to help its members enjoy Eve-Online more.
• Encourage members to join in corporation activities like mining or combat
• Support its members in their endeavours within the game
• Help the corporation progress
• Realize that the CEO and Directors act according to the will of the members to keep the corporation functioning
• Understand that the corporation is run by the members
• Give certain members specific roles that will aid the function and progression of the corporation
• Expects its members to let the corporation know what they want out of the Eve Universe so the other members can help
• Do not allow pirating either by its members or against them.
• Do not engage in smack talk ever - it is a game dude!

Mission Statement

The purpose of The Raven Dynasty and its subsidiaries is to further the goals of its members as individuals and as a group by creating a structure that promotes the betterment of the Corporation through supporting its individual members, but never to the detriment of either the Corporation or its members.

Barring Piracy and similar behavior the goals individual members pursue are entirely up to them. Further, individuals are never required to participate in any individual Corporation activity such as mining operations or military fleet operations, but are encouraged to do so.

A sense of community and common purpose will be created by constant discussion among members about long and short term goals and how to achieve them. Problems and disputes are dealt with by the membership as a whole as they arise in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

It is the responsibility of each member to voice their concerns about Corporate Policy, individual members and their own needs in order to solve problems and to positively develop the Corporation and all of its members.

Although we have a CEO and a Board of Directors their roles are to maintain the functionality of the Corporation within the restraints of the Eve Online Universe. The Corporation is run by its members as a whole with certain individuals earning certain titles or functions by putting the effort into achieving particular goals (such as creating a POS or learning tactics and mechanics, for example.)

Members are expected to share their strengths, their experience and their support with other members. We do not sell our wares to each other. We share them. If our wares cost us materials or Isk to produce it is acceptable to pass that cost onto to members who want them.

If an individual needs certain items and is unable to acquire them they are encouraged to ask the membership as a whole for assistance. In the spirit of mutual advancement we, as a group, commit ourselves to supporting these individual needs.

Sovereignty systems [0]

The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
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