Avolian Fusion Fleet
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AVOL is now recruiting one or two combat pilots to join our small but growing corporation. We need combat pilots to:
- run missions,
- run plexes,
- farm sleepers, and
- roam low/null/wh spaces in small frigate/destroyer/cruiser gangs. (Ships and modules are supplied by the corporation.)

AVOL has much to offer the prospective recruit:
- a class 2 wormhole with a large POS with extensive industrial, research, and defensive capabilites, (A large citadel comming soon!)
- an office in a quiet corner of Gallente space with great mining and near to low security space,
- lots of industrial abilities to help you build and fit your ships as well as supply them with ammunition and drones. and most importantly,
- a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Here's a little more information about our class 2 wormhole:
- it has a static high security entrance so its always accessible from high security space,
- it has a static class 1 wormhole attached to it so we can farm an easy, neighboring wormhole at any time.
- the toughest sleepers are solo-able with a battleship and good skills. (But a battleship and some help make the farming much quicker.) and
- like all wormholes, the opportunities to make large amounts of isk are manyfold. Wormholes spawn all ores. Wormholes spawn most gases (depending on wormhole class). Wormholes spawn much better exploration sites than high security space. And farming sleepers is recognized as one of the fastest ways to make ISK.

If you're interested in joining our fun, close-knit corporation please join our recruiting channel AVOL Recruit. We'll chat a bit. Then chat somemore via Teamspeak or Discord.

Thank-you for your consideration.

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The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
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