ABOS Industrial Enterprises
Name ABOS Industrial Enterprises
Ticker ABOS.
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Ceo Padramous
Members 5
Tax Rate 10%
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Patrons to the art of ABOS. We are Strategic Entrepreneurs, Fat Trimmers and take advantage of open Markets, benign or maliignant.
To those with a complaint of our Operations, See below an Excellent Quote:
"It's not really a difference in human psychology as your typical carebear would like to paint it, but more a difference in the way you view your Internet Spaceship Game.

For instance, I have never been griefed. I have been ganked when I have made mistakes or been careless, and I have lost fights. But I have never been griefed. Why?

Simply, I recognize that hostile action is a part of EVE. If someone can profit from my demise, they WILL do so. Killmails have value to some people, so a kill just for the sake of a kill has value to them.
This changes your perspective. Once you realize people will scam you, gank you, etc., you realize that it is entirely impersonal. They aren't out to get you, you just happened to be there. If your hulk gets randomly ganked, any other hulk that had been there would get ganked just the same.

In other words, PVP is part of EVE, and it is going to happen. Consider it a force of nature. Raging about it is like raging because a tree fell on your car. Yes, it sucks, but who are you mad at?

In EVE, the only person to blame is yourself. You didn't consider the threats, you didn't protect yourself, and you died. It's no more griefing than it is 'griefing' to get stabbed by a spy in TF2 because you failed to spycheck.
Which brings us back to the 'tears', and why people enjoy your misery.

It's hilarious, that's why. You just got killed in a video game. A video game. And here you are, frothing at the mouth, unable to even type coherently through the blinding force of your rage. Making empty, impotent threats, and assuming that we must be some kind of terrible psychopath. Can't you see the humor?

That's why we love tears. Not because of some strange fixation with human suffering, not due to some social disorder or misanthropy, but because you come off as hilariously immature.

Honestly, if someone was actually sad that I ganked their ship, I might feel bad. A poor newbie who might be driven out of the game, or something?

But that's not what 'tears' are. It's sort of a misnomer. When someone posts tears it's invariably some carebear emo raging.

It's not a matter of enjoying pain, but a matter of laughing at someone who goes off the handle over trivial nonsense, like losing in a videogame.
Ever see a video of some guy screaming and throwing his keyboard around because he got shot in an FPS? Calling the guy a hacker, blaming lag, questioning his enemies sexuality, and generally being a tool who won't admit his own fault? That's you, the carebear. Overwhelmed with fury over an internet spaceship game.
So, to summarize: PVP is fun. PVE is boring. NPCs don't think, they never surprise you, you never have to adapt (there are step by step guides and BOTS for this stuff), so once you memorize a few steps and fit a ship with enough tank and dps, you win 100% of the time.
PVP is about hunting or fighting a thinking enemy. It's exciting. Carebears are people who sign up for a PVP game and then refuse to PVP, calling it immoral. You will rage, and we find this funny. If you don't rage we're still having fun, and you're probably more fun to play with because you will have a friendly attitude and actually adapt to fight back rather than making excuses. But then we have less reason to be enemies and do not focus on destroying you.
Being a jerk and a bad sport makes people WANT to blow you up.
As for the argument that you're smarter.. EVE is a mind game. We all have the same resources available to us. If you are smarter, why are you not winning? Crush the people who upset you so much, if you are better than them.
Alternatively, you make excuses to make yourself feel better."
~Aria Selenis

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The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
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