Ramsgate Incorporated
Name Ramsgate Incorporated
Ticker RAMSO
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Ceo Falcon Eclipse
Members 3
Tax Rate 5%
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Welcome to Ramsgate Incorporated one of the leadership corp of Learning to be Sorry alliance, our main goal is to offer newbies to learn eve with the most experienced players possible and to have a spot in one of smartest Null sec Alliance of New Eden: Sorry In Advance.

Learning to be Sorry or LTBS was created with a lot of planning and resources. meaning that we offer a lot of ships and way for you to make money.

Ship replacement program: Replace your lost in combat ships, we will refund you 100 percent of the ship plus its fitting

Ore Buy-back Program: we buy your ore at 90 percent Jita price, travelling with minerals can be dangerous.

Our corp/alliance also offers the best fleets you can get with maximum assets and resources for you.
We are a not eligible for war, so your are at peace in high sec.

How our university works (for the new guys)

Once you join you will be given a pack of ships, you can use these ships to get blown up, and guess what we will replace it.

After you have received your ship you will assist to a small eve basic class, after that you may choose your major

1. PvP
2. PvE
3. Industry
4. Exploration

After you have chosen your major you will star in the first rank : Youngling
The ranks goes like this:

Initiate: Younglins

Freshman: Padawan

Sophomore: Jedi

Junior: Jedi knight

Senior: Jedi master

There are no time limits after you have fulfilled the rank requirements you are eligible to take the Test to pass to the next class.
That test depends on the rank you are in and the corp you are in.

After you pass Jedi master you will join the null sec alliance Sorry in advance, as a new player in the game it will be hard for you to find a small and organised Null sec group, we offer you a membership in our sorry alliance so that you can have fun in the game.

Our goals is to teach newbies to create an elite generation of players all over New Eden, using their skills to then help other members in need.
Our alliance has access to over 20 structures.

If you would like to join our alliance or chat with us, we are available on


In game channel: Ramsgate Employment
Our diplo channel: Ramsgate diplo
Important notice: our diplo channel is only for standings and diplomatic issues, no recruitment there :)
CEO: Karma Becker

Sovereignty systems [0]

The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
Last Update: 2023-09-22 19:14:09
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