Slayn and Korpil Industries
Fraternity University
Name Slayn and Korpil Industries
Ticker VRPN
Alliance Fraternity University
Faction -
Ceo Bogdan Ostus
Members 98
Tax Rate 3%
corporationID 98660849

Members [98]


u'Quite often, when talking about this corp with potential recruits, the question comes up: \u201cwhat does your corp do\u201d? Now, this seems like a legitimate question, and it does seem like a logical thing to ask, especially if you\u2019re being asked to join a corp, right? The problem is, even if I told you, you wouldn\u2019t really get it.

Why is that? Look, by now you\u2019ve probably made it through the basic tutorial, and maybe you\u2019re working on the career agent missions. You\u2019re probably wondering \u201cshould I do security,\u201d or \u201cshould I be an industrialist\u201d? The answer to these questions is a simple yes. As you grow your character, you will end up engaging in the majority of \u201ccareers\u201d in eve. This isn\u2019t like other games, where once you decide to be a healer or a tank, that\u2019s all you can be. It probably seems like the decisions you make right now are going to have a lasting effect on your game for years to come. They\u2019re not.

Chances are, you\u2019ve been invited to a corp before, or you\u2019ve looked at some descriptions. Most read something like this: \u201cIndustry, Ratting, Mining, Anomalies, PvP,\u201d or \u201cFleet mission running and mining and everything in between.\u201d Basically, every corp will tell you they are trying to be all things to all people. That\u2019s where we\u2019re different. Sort of. We are a high-sec mining corp. Period. But...we\u2019re also part of a sizable null alliance. This means that although while you are THIS corp, you will primarily be a miner, you have access to many other options to make the game fun for you (crazy idea, I know, but if you\u2019re not having fun, why even bother logging in, right?).

Here\u2019s how it works. Spend some time here. Learn some stuff and make some friends. We have our own voice chat, so you can hang out with your corp-mates. Mine to make ISK and learn how to do something other than mine. Consider joining one of the other corps in the alliance. Figure out what it is that you really like to do in this game. If it works out, great, you\u2019ve found a home in pretend space. If not, enjoy our 3% tax rate while you look for something that fits you better.

Do we offer anything the other guys don\u2019t? Yeah, we do. Take a look:

Ore buyback: The main alliance wants and needs your ore. You don\u2019t have to worry about trying to compress what you mine and get to market. The corp will buy all the raw ore you can mine. (Also ice, Gas, and Salvage)

Regular events: Check out the calender when you join

Training: We want you to be successful, and we\u2019re willing to train you so that you can be. Want to get into PvP? We have some AMAZING fleet commanders who will show you how to get those super-sexy kill marks on your ship. Do you want to make things? Our Indy people can teach you T1, T2, T3, and Capital production, as well as planetary interactions and station and rig making. Like mining? We can show you ore, ice, gas, moon, and ninja mining. There is so much more to it than just busting rocks.

So that\u2019s it. You can join up with us, and hopefully find a family here. If not, we\u2019ll part as friends and take our own paths into the stars. What do you have to lose? '

Sovereignty systems [0]

The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
Last Update: 2023-09-23 21:07:07
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