The brave eagle
Name The brave eagle
Ticker THEAG
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Ceo Doodles Garrian
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Tax Rate 6%
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The brave eagle is a corporation dedicated to its pilots, and is happy to welcome new and old pilots from all races in the game.

The brave eagle is looking for people who want to help build a young corporation from the ground up into a fully integrated society in New Eden.

This corporation is looking for many different pilots, with preferences in all styles of play:

NOTE: Trials are welcome!

Miners are part of the backbone of any corporation, whether they want to admit it or not. Anyone can mine, but the corp is looking for pilots who specialise in mining to help fuel our goal. You will provide all kinds of minerals and funds for the corp.

Any corporation needs a war fleet. The brave eagle needs combat pilots who are willing to fight with friends and comrades to the bitter end, working as a team, as a fleet and a friend.
(Note: All new pilots, mainly new players, will undergo our unique fleet combat training at a basic level. Any pilots entering our military will have advanced training, and even have a chance to lead fleets.

The military will provide income and generate good standings with agents through completion of missions. There are fleet missioning ops, where a fleet can complete as many missions as they can as one whole combat unit.

The military is also charged with protection of the corporation, acting as our security. If we need to transfer goods through Low-Sec space, you will be there to escort us.

Incursions are also dealt with by the military.

This is a cross between mining and manufacturing. Miners can also specialise in this style for the corp, or provide our manufacturers with the materials. Manufacturers are charged with building items, equipment and ship for the corporation, as well as themselves, of course.

The trade division runs trade routes and places orders to sell and buy items based on the needs of the corp. Trade also provides logistic hauling for the other divisions.

Note we will never force you to reveal your trade routes or trade secrets.

There is no one style of play, and anyone can do all, but if there is any preference you have, we have it for you. Feel free to suggest something to us to help expand the brave eagle and make your Eve experience better.

There are of course other, subdivisions as well. We will need Advisors and Scouts, and anyone can do this for us.

We are a low tax corporation, and any taxes go toward equipment and ships for you and your corporation comrades
We will also give out rewards for extra hard work and have special corp ops to have fun and make iskies.

Once we believe we can trust you, we will pay half of the cost for any cruiser you wish, or supply one for you if we have one manufactured. Cruiser's are the true beginning, and a fleet can do some strong missioning with them, You will of course have to buy and train the skills yourself, gain our trust, and equip it yourselves, at least at first. If you already have a better ship, however, or a Cruiser yourself, you will have no need for this service, but a replacement ship for any losses you may acquire is always at the ready. Remember, our taxes are so we can pay you back.

Remember: what can you do for us so we can do more for you?

NOTE: Real life comes first. Always place it first before game time. You will not be kicked out or penalized if your family or friends, or even work, need you.

Applicants please provide us with your:
Current ship?
Time zone?
Do you have an area of interest in Eve? Mining, Military? Trade?
Where did you hear about us?
Please also provide your reason for applying to The brave eagle.

Se ya in corp chat!!!!

Note to people who join if you have buddies that want to join aswell tell them to send in app with reason that a corp member is vouching them.

Any other questions please fell free to contact reddy90311 or a director for more info

Sovereignty systems [0]

The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
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