Xun Armaments Corporation
Name Xun Armaments Corporation
Ticker XAC
Alliance -
Faction -
Ceo Cora Xun
Members 12
Tax Rate 15%
corporationID 301685677

Members [12]


u'The Xun Armaments Corporation, also known as Xun Arms or XAC, is a strong power within the Khanid Kingdom. Backed by the megacorporation Kaalakiota, Xun Arms serves as the vanguard for the boundless ambition of the Caldari State as envisioned by the Exector Tibus Heth. Since their arrival in the Kingdom, the corporation has aggressively set its sights on becoming a vital component to the economic success and sovereignty of their newly adopted homeland by all and any means necessary.

The Xun Armaments Corporation is widely known throughout the Kingdom as a successful, if unscrupulous, arms, munitions and weapon systems manufacturer. Seen by many as unethical opportunists, rumors abound of their continuous involvement in illicit activities such as war profiteering and slave trading. They are also rumored to deal regularly with clientele whose dubious political and professional practices are often overlooked simply for the sake of markets. The Xun Armaments Corporation represents the worst in interstellar powers: they are greedy, amoral, consumed with their own success, loyal only onto themselves, the State, and the Kingdom. Despite their selfish ways, they provide the region with a wide variety of high quality armaments & munitions at affordable prices and they work hard on all fronts to maintain a sterling public reputation, even if they have to cover up their many illicit activities to do it.

Xun Corporate offices are a unique blend of opulence and utilitarianism, symbolizing the family\u2019s evolution toward a perverse fusion of Amarrian decadence, and Caldari ruthless efficiency. Xun Arms staff is just customer friendly enough for their clientele to tolerate. Contrary to initial impression, Xun business is in fact quite varied. Beyond a highly successful arms production division open to private contract, Xun Arms maintains several public ordnance & munitions outlets in remote regions throughout the Kingdom, a lucrative mining and salvage division, and a budding warship construction division dedicated to producing superior Caldari & Amarr naval vessels. Ruthless and efficient, the Xun Armaments Corporation is a star on the rise, constantly on the search for new materials, markets, and worlds to exploit.

\u2022 XAC is open to Khanid and Caldari loyalists of all types. Its mandate is to give its membership, regardless of experience, location, time commitment, chosen profession or preference of play (RP,PvP,PvE) a chance to learn, grow and contribute in EvE, and to be a part of an exciting experience, investing themselves alongside others in developing friendships, wealth and prosperity. Though XAC facilitates RP and story building, it is not required or expected. Though XAC\u2019s corporate MO is quite maleficent, XAC is only interested in welcoming mature players of good character who are expected to comport themselves favorably and be respectful of their fellow members and officers. To be a part of the XAC experience, please contact the family for details:

\u2022 CEO, Cora Xun
\u2022 Deputy CEO, Marl Xun
\u2022 Director, Bria Xun

XAC is currently recruiting:

\u2022 Resource Procurement (mining, planetery interaction)
\u2022 Contract Security (PvE missioning, exploration, complexes, etc)
\u2022 XSEC (PvP)

\u201cXun Armaments Corporation. War is our business\u2026\u201d'

Sovereignty systems [0]

The corporation doesn't hold any systems.
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