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-Member of Vanguard Venture - Vanguard Venture Philosophy
-Contact our Diplomats for Standings Questions 
-More Information including list of responsible persons in Corp Info or on Alliance page+We are a group of skilled individuals proficient in various disciplines that Eve has to offer. We make use of the time available to us within a comfortable and friendly atmosphere building our careers and working towards the vision of the Corporation. We see the Corporation, in fact the whole alliance, as a mixture of competencies.
 +(1) Missioning and Ratting including Deadspace Complexes
-Vanguard Venture - Spearheading into a brighter future.+(2) Mining and Manufacture
 +(3) Research and Invention
 +(4) PVP
 +In essence we are an Industrial Alliiance with PVP capabilities. We have a high sec POS where we research blueprints for manufacturing or resale. We run Agent Missions extensively within the Gallente Faction. We currently have a few alliance members experiencing the rewards null sec offers and we as an alliance are moving ahead with plans to officially move into outlaw space in the near future.
 +Of course. we will still maintain Offices in Empire space and will encourage a thriving membership allowing everyone the flexibility to do what they want, while providing the avenues for those who seek more excitement !
 +As a corporation, and we require the same of other corps in our alliance , the following :
 +(1) No trash talking, scamming or stealing from corpmates or others.
 +(2) No pirating. Engaging in such activities will result in severe consequences (we will take way your lunch)
 +For new members we provide all T1 Modules, Skill Books and free ships up to and including cruisers. These are all subject to availabiity in our hangars at our Headquarters at Eglenneaert Federal Intelliigence Station in orbit around Moon 14. We also provide ship replacement programs for Corporate PVP activities.
 +We provide a corporate discussion forumat but these boards are only accessible to members of the Corporation.
 +We are currently recruiting PVP Pilots. Contact Tinnian Maso for more information !!
 CEO: Adrian Rothschild CEO: Adrian Rothschild
 Directors: Angelique Torbier, Tinnian Maso Directors: Angelique Torbier, Tinnian Maso
 Diplomats: Adrian Rothschild , Tinnian Maso Diplomats: Adrian Rothschild , Tinnian Maso
-------------------------------------------------------- +------------------------------------------------------------------
-Visit our web-page for more info: 

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