Preps for ESI Upgrade

2 Comments; December 29th, 2017

In the last weeks I discovered that the XML and CREST API endpoints DOTLAN EveMaps is using are now deprecated and will be shutdown in may 2018. Yeah this means a “little” bit of work on my backend. Basically recreate all background daemons to make use of ESI instead.

In preperation for the switch to ESI (I haven’t started yet) I’ll try to do carve out some dead wood on the dotlan tool chain.

For the start I’ll remove the following features (The majority of people never used them or never had heard of them anyway)

  • My Eve Section (Manage Characters/Account APIs/Locate Personal Assets, Verify account, Standings etc)
  • Corp/Alliances Notes (Individual group and personal notes will still work)
  • Radar (when I’ve time it will be replaced someday, but atm, it’s not working anyway)
  • Ingame browser support (yeah it was never removed)

After this I’ll slowly (as my kids and job are allowing it) diving into this ESI thingy. Apart from this, I’m still alive … ūüôā

Aegis Sovereignty Part 2

1 Comment July 20th, 2015

aegis-tcuNearly a week ago I published the first integration of the Aegis sovereignty changes into DOTLAN EveMaps. Basically every evening/night in the last days I kept improving things, fixed bugs or added more details. I even had to replay (reprocess) some of the crest¬†request from the archive to fix data that I broke with some sql queries (since freeport stations are not part of the sovereignty structures crest list, even they’re sovereignty structures ingame. Purely relying on the crest result in this case can be tricky).

In the last post I’ve started a list about things that I wanted to add as additional features at some point in the future …¬†Some of the wishlist items have¬†already been seen light:

New features:

  • Campaign Details
    • You get access to campaign details. This way you can see when this event has been triggered (at least when background jobs stumbled over¬†this event).
    • Campaign details contain a chart¬†of the defender score over time or a graph for each entity during a freeport campaign.
    • Additionally you a listing that reports all the naked score numbers, when¬†exactly the score changed ¬†or when a new entity¬†joined the¬†party.
  • Campaigns Listing
    • The sovereignty campaign listing is now the “frontpage” of the sovereignty section: I think this one is more interesting then the¬†system that¬†actually flipped after a successful campaign. This change is now part of eve’s history and¬†no longer that important, while upcoming and active campaigns are the hot topics and entry points if you want to look for fights and action.
    • The sovereignty campaign listing has now a region filter so you easier¬†keep an overview of you area.
    • The trend indicator icon or the arrow will bring you to the details page.
  • Structure Listing
    • The trend indicator icon or the arrow will bring you to the details page.
  • Freeports
    • The sovereignty section has now a special page dedicated to active freeports. If you ever want to checkout where you wanna place your market alts in the future: Those stations’re opened for the public ūüôā
  • Map
    • The map view got updated. Upcoming campaigns currently have a orange glow and active campaigns a red glow. Since multiple events (glow) in the same system are stacked on top of each other, the glow will look thicker.
    • The system¬†overlay has now additional¬†data to show:
      • Activity Defense Multiplier
        • Only the highest multiplier will be shown
        • Keep in mind, due to the fact that station/tcu can be owned by different parties they can have different multiplier applied. Look into the structure listing or system overview to get the exact numbers.
      • Sovereignty Structures
        • The color:¬†number of strctures (0-3)
        • The text: T + I + S == TCU + IHUB + Station
      • Next Campaign¬†Timer (shows the next upcoming timer for this system)
      • Vulnerability Window: the color indicates the status, the text¬†when the next window starts.
  • Navigation / Range
    • You can now filter your¬†range result based on sovereignty status. Like “vulnerable now” or “system has a campaign”. This might be interesting for groups looking for a fight withing their range of operation.

New Ideas / Todo List:

  • Make the sovereignty campaign region filter a multiselect filter and save this selection in your client. So you can filter out events that happen on the other end of new eden.
  • I’ll likely ditch the active/upcoming/all filter and a date selector so you can scroll back in time and get access to pasted events. (But I’ll monitor the current campaigns and see what they do with campaigns that haven’t changed in the last 5 days or so … not sure)
  • I’m also thinking about combining the Changes and Changes (per day) view to reduce the toolbar icons in the sovereignty section and free up space. Maybe for a dedicated¬†campaign history? How knows
  • Add historical campaigns available on the solarsystem and alliance page.
  • The campaign details¬†chart¬†is currently limited to one hour time ticks even the data density is far smaller. Maybe I’ll look it and create more detailed graphs or into replacing the¬†charts¬†within something more flexible. But that’s more like a future topic.
  • Make sovereignty campaigns available in the live-ticker/events/rss module.
  • Adjust the Map > Rightclick > Jumprange context menu to make use of filters as well. Apart from the fact that only 3 jump range types exists. Capital, BlackOps, JumpFreighter.


Aegis Sovereignty Overhaul

3 Comments; July 15th, 2015

aegis-tcuHello fellow pilots. CCP Games has successfully deployed it’s ‘Aegis‘ expansion that includes the biggest sovereignty overhaul since the big ‘Dominion’ sovereignty change in 2009. A week ago CCP FoxFour release a dev blog description the new Sovereignty Structures and Sovereignty Campaigns CREST Endpoints that brings us the new shiny data. The first view on the amount of data was eye opening because I feared that CCP would have to revert back¬†like they did in 2009. … but apparently it was discussed¬†together with the CSM and every little information is visible in the client anyway. Well, lets see where this leads to.

It’s been a long time without any update here, but well. Not much was going either apart from smaller fixes of typos. But lets get down the road what has changed on DOTLAN EveMaps, what new information is integrated and what additions I’ve still on my TO DO¬†list (before or¬†after my family vacation).

New Features on DOTLAN EveMaps

  • The Sovereignty Campaigns listing is integrated under the Sovereignty section. It includes all campaigns or events (how you wanna call them) that¬†have been scheduled. This CREST Endpoint has a 30 second cache timer. So within 30-60 ¬†seconds¬†your campaign (once you successfully reinforced a structure) should¬†be online and visible for everyone.
  • For a region you get a new regional list¬†that includes all the sovereignty structures, their state and vulnerable window in a sortable form.
    Example: Scalding Pass, Fountain
  • On the System overview¬†you get a list/state of the local sovereignty structures as well
    Example: W-4NUU
  • If you want to know which sovereignty structures an alliance is operating, there’s a new Alliance Structures tab to get a full list.
    Example: Quantum Collective
  • Additionally the map will highlight systems with scheduled campaigns¬†using a dashed system outline and red background glow.¬†I think give it some days to check if that’s okay or if the map view gets to cluttered up. We’ll see
    Example: Cloud Ring

Here are some screenshot so you have an idea what it looks or where to find it, in the case you haven’t seen it yet.


What else do I’ve in my mind?:

  • Add the Active Defense Multiplier as map overlay
  • Add the vulnerable state and start¬†as map overlay (green = safe, orange = vulnerable, red = campaign)
  • Details and charts of the current score and the campaign progress
  • History of campaigns, etc
  • Add campaigns to the live ticker

December Updates

4 Comments; December 10th, 2014


Long time ago since I wrote the last blog post. But having had a cold and sick kids in the last weeks was keeping me busy and away from doing anything serious on my projects. I just want to give you some show updates on what has changed with the last 2 expansions:


  • I’ve just updated the evemaps database to include new systems that got introduced with Rhea.
  • I renamed the “unknown¬†region names” to match CCP’s names, after they decided to give them proper names instead of “unknown region”.


  • Updated the jump base ranges and skills that take part in the calculation.
  • I haven’t added a¬†fatigue planer yet and I’m unsure how useful it would be

The problem with fatigue calculation is:

  • it’s likely that you start evaluating multiple scenarios. Less people will plan their trips with jumps only.
  • too many unknown variables for a planer tool. Initial fatigue, waiting time, operation time, gates in between jumps, etc.
  • you don’t play alone. You’ve to take care about your fleet members as well.
  • the API fatigue timer is cached, therefore likely not accurate for on request results.

Oh and before you ask: Creating a jump planer that also takes gates into the calculations is really complicated and doesn’t bring many benefits. The decision when to jump and when to take a gate is more¬†a tactical decision based on the current situation. The computer won’t know what’s the best solution. Jump first and then take the gates, gates then jump or a combination. Sometimes you know that some systems are more dangerous then others … In the end it all comes down to proper planning and knowing your backyard instead of the one click-win button solution.

Incursions relocated

Comments Off on Incursions relocated August 15th, 2014

Don’t worry the incursions haven’t got removed. I just managed to find time to actually relocate¬†the link into the “Universe” section. So Top Navigation > Universe > Incursions is the new way to go.

Well … I’m starting to get problem¬†with too many pages that want to get a good place in the navigation toolbars.¬†Maybe some day I’ve to restructure everything … we’ll see

Eve Online SSO activated

Comments Off on Eve Online SSO activated August 12th, 2014

SSO LoginCouple weeks ago CCP FoxFour told us about the upcoming new SSO Login System for 3rd party sites. Well after years of hoping, weeks of testing on SISI and waiting again they got finally ready and within the scope of a limited SSO trail and allowed a few 3rd party websites to use their newly crafted SSO (Single Sign On) System to be used.

What does this mean?

You can now login DOTLAN EveMaps using your Eve Online Characater (not account). Many social media sites are providing similar services (via OpenID, OAuth and OAuth2) like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Google.

Is it secure?

DOTLAN EveMaps or other 3rd party sites using the SSO Login Service will never see your eve account details (username, password, email, etc). As long as you pay attention when you get redirected to log in, you’re safe. But you should always do this when entering your credentials and double check them.

I have already a DOTLAN EveMaps account and now?

The best way is now to log into your account using your old login method (email+password or facebook or twitter, etc.) and add an additional identity to your account. You’ll be able to login with all of your linked identities. If you try to login first with your Eve Account you might create a new account instead of link it to your existing one.

Do we have any other benefits when using Eve SSO as login method?

Nope. Right now CCP is just providing SSO as a Login service that provides the 3rd party site with your characterID, characterName and a hash so we can verify if the character¬†is still living on the same account. There’s no additional information we get.¬†For everything else we’ve still to rely on the old API keys, but this first initial step is the crucial requirement for the next big step: Authenticated CREST.¬†Someday we might get access to different scopes and request user details requesting permission from the user … but I guess this will take another year or so ūüôā

Even on DOTLAN EveMaps I haven’t added any special features yet or¬†updated the API¬†verification process … but I guess other applications, corp or alliance management tools will be standing on the door step of CCP and waiting every moment¬†news.

I’m a¬†developer, where do I get my¬†OAuth2 credentials for my own applications?

This was the first and initial trail run and test for CCP. They take their login system serious and are afraid of potential security breaches. The time for the first sisi trails even got pushed ahead multiple times. The¬†client credentials were created manually by CCP Devs inside the database. Once the Developer Site, where you can register your application¬†with application name, backcall_url, etc., goes live you’ll see more websites using this method as it¬†ensures that the user on the browser site is in charge of the API keys he’s¬†providing. No more API Key Changing, Evemail verifications or 1 isk transactions will be needed to verify you on those multiple alliance¬†or corporation management tools out there. One day …

I the meantime I would advice you to get familiar with OAuth2 login procedure (for websites) in general. Once CCP has finished their developer site you’re in the first line of requesting one.


Updated Jump Fuel Calculation

Comments Off on Updated Jump Fuel Calculation July 31st, 2014

This is a short service announcement: 2 days ago I updated the eve database to reflect the changed jump fuel consumption numbers that came with the latest Eve Online expension Crius. But I forgot to change to change the (hardcoded) volume size for the isotopes which I fixed today. Additionally I corrected the fuel calculation for normal jump bridges.

No more kill statistics for wormholes

Comments Off on No more kill statistics for wormholes June 7th, 2014


After a long and emotional discussion in the eveonline forums the game design department decided in a meeting that their will remove the kills statistics for all wormhole systems in the eve online maps api. This change went live on the 3. June 2014

2.5 years ago CCP already removed the Jumps data from the api for all wormhole. Why nobody removed the kills at the same time is unknown. Anyway … Unknown space is meant to be unknown and since there is now ingame equivalent present in the game to gather npc kills statistics for wormhole systems I can understand the decision.

I know that other may have a different viewpoint on this but that’s the decision from CCP and we’ve to live with it.

War is serious business

1 Comment June 5th, 2014

Nothing is better for the economy and industry in Eve Online rather then big and driving conflicts. CCP Foxfour released couple days ago the new war CREST API Endpoint which lets you extract all the juicy war details outside of eve. After various initial attemps and bugfixing I’m done with the whopping pile of 366k wars which took me around 20 hours.

Since I also found a bug in CCP’s owner cleanup process (yes it’s bug reported already) I thought the numbers are quite impressive and worth sharing

Basic Numbers

  • 366,320 total wars
  • 3,741 active wars
    • 1,949 mutual wars
    • 2,600 wars with less then 50 pilots ¬†involved (counting aggressor, defender, allies)
    • 480 wars with more then 500 pilots involved (combined)
    • 1,806 wars declared more then a year ago
  • 773 active wars with at least one side has closed it’s business (corp closed, but war still active, yes that’s the reported bug)
  • Kills (only available since mid-2011)
    • 853,049 Kills
    • 38,309,752,911,445.19 ISK destroyed (38 trillions)
  • first war declared at¬†2003-05-16 09:38:00

Wars declared by Year

  • 2003: 841
  • 2004: 3,873
  • 2005: 7,356
  • 2006: 10,256
  • 2007: 23,437
  • 2008: 21,708
  • 2009: 32,353
  • 2010: 36,629
  • 2011: 45,138
  • 2012: 103,735
  • 2013: 52,740
  • 2014: 28,254

Most Deadly Wars (ship kills combined)

Times Aggressor Defender Kills
2013-02-21 > Open RvB – RED Federation RvB – BLUE Republic 173,104
2012-06-06 > 2012-12-01 RvB – BLUE Republic RvB – RED Federation 101,213
2011-05-03 > 2012-06-05 RvB – BLUE Republic RvB – RED Federation 53,667
2012-12-08 > 2013-02-06 RvB – RED Federation RvB – BLUE Republic 46,633
2012-12-01 > 2012-12-05 RvB – BLUE Republic Red Federation 8,273
2013-12-05 > 2014-03-07 The Marmite Collective Brave Collective 6,250
2013-02-06 > Open Red Federation RvB – BLUE Republic 4,775
2013-04-08 > 2013-10-08 The Marmite Collective Test Alliance Please Ignore 3,875
2013-11-26 > Open The Marmite Collective Goonswarm Federation 3,360
2013-05-17 > 2013-05-24 RvB – RED Federation Brave Collective 2,835


I guess RvB can be happy to take 7 out of the top 10 slots in this ranking. Especially the number of kills is impressive. But CCP Foxfor told this already on the API / 3rd party presentation on Fanfest 2014

I’ve now started tracking all active wars, continuously filling my database and making my thoughts on the integration into the sites. I guess you can expect a “Wars” tab within the Alliance/Corp section, war history for each alliance and corporation and integration in the live ticker (rss feed)

Navigation Tools Update – Beacon Network

Comments Off on Navigation Tools Update – Beacon Network June 1st, 2014

jump-beacon-routeLong time ago that the navigation tools received a major update. The most recent one is already live for a couple days, so I tried to find some spare time to actually write about it. (TL;DR below)

Couple people approached me before and during fanfest and asked if I could add “one tiny” *caugh* feature to the jump planer: The ability calculate a route and take alliance cyno beacons and cyno alts into the route calculation and prefer them if possible.

This would/could be a major improvement for those entities, pilots and fleet commanders that have access to a large network of cyno beacons and/or cyno alts to place. The calculation wasn’t easy! Up until now the route calculation was based on 3 weights: The number of jumps, the traveled distance and the distance to the destination to get a result (within a reasonable time for a webscript) to show. Adding more weight factors in could make this calculation even more complex. After some couple thoughts and failed attempts I came up with a modification on how to make certain midpoints more expensive or cheaper without hopefully screwing up one of the most used feature on DOTLAN EveMaps.

jump-beacon-listSimilar to the already existing “bridge network” feature, I created the “Beacon Network”: A share-able listing of your beacons and cyno alts. Similar to the Bridge Network you can share, export and import (even copy&paste from the capital navigation window) the beacon list. Additionally to the unsexy list of system names and comments you can open up a map that shows you all possible jump paths are highlighted. If you’ve a bigger and wide spreaded network this can look quite funny and maybe point out where you’ve some

The beacon navigation is now a well integrated into the jump planer. Based on your selected beacon networks, the preferred waypoints will be taken used for the route decision and used if they could benefit the direction you want to Go. I you want to select a different midpoint other reachable beacons or cynoalts will be highlighted as well.

jump-beacon-mapCause I was doing some changes on the weight calculation I touched a few features as well: I changed “Use Station only” to “prefer station systems” and the same applied for regions or systems to avoid. But the most unique feature is now the ability to avoid constellations that are currently having incursions (and are cynojammed therefore). But don’t worry: Even if you don’t select the “Avoid Incursion” option, you still get the little skull/boss icon that indicates in the route listing that in one of the waypoints is an incursion active.

Dream: Maybe one day CCP releases the list of active cyno beacons along with the other public map statistics from the ingame map. The those beacon networks or the use of the jump planer can be adapted again to directly use what is exist live in the game: 

The 3 screenshots that shows how the result could possible look like (yes it was only done for presentation only and does not reflect the actual game).

And before you ask: Yes someday ™ I’ll rewrite the Share function and replace it with some nice group management feature where get better control over who can access your shared bridges, beacons, notes, etc. One day(tm) I’ll find the time ūüôā


  • Added Beacon Network (similar to Bridge Network) to manage your cyno beacons and cyno alts
  • Beacon Networks can be shared (public via access token), exported and imported (copy&paste via Capital Navigation Window)
  • Beacon Networks can be taken into the jump route finding decision (and will be prefered)
  • Systems with Beacons or CynoAlts will be hightlighed on the “Select alternative midpoint” listing.
  • “Avoid Incursions” option for jump planner
  • “Use Station Only” will change to “Prefer Station Systems”
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