Preps for ESI Upgrade

December 29th, 2017

In the last weeks I discovered that the XML and CREST API endpoints DOTLAN EveMaps is using are now deprecated and will be shutdown in may 2018. Yeah this means a “little” bit of work on my backend. Basically recreate all background daemons to make use of ESI instead.

In preperation for the switch to ESI (I haven’t started yet) I’ll try to do carve out some dead wood on the dotlan tool chain.

For the start I’ll remove the following features (The majority of people never used them or never had heard of them anyway)

  • My Eve Section (Manage Characters/Account APIs/Locate Personal Assets, Verify account, Standings etc)
  • Corp/Alliances Notes (Individual group and personal notes will still work)
  • Radar (when I’ve time it will be replaced someday, but atm, it’s not working anyway)
  • Ingame browser support (yeah it was never removed)

After this I’ll slowly (as my kids and job are allowing it) diving into this ESI thingy. Apart from this, I’m still alive … 🙂

2 Responses to “Preps for ESI Upgrade”

  1. Aruas says:

    Thank you! Wish I could help but I know nothing. If you need anyone to test things out let me know. Thanks again.

  2. David Kowis says:

    If there’s a git repo, maybe I can help? I write software for a living, mostly JVM languages, but I like to think I’m pretty sharp 🙂

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