Aegis Sovereignty Overhaul

July 15th, 2015

aegis-tcuHello fellow pilots. CCP Games has successfully deployed it’s ‘Aegis‘ expansion that includes the biggest sovereignty overhaul since the big ‘Dominion’ sovereignty change in 2009. A week ago CCP FoxFour release a dev blog description the new Sovereignty Structures and Sovereignty Campaigns CREST Endpoints that brings us the new shiny data. The first view on the amount of data was eye opening because I feared that CCP would have to revert back like they did in 2009. … but apparently it was discussed together with the CSM and every little information is visible in the client anyway. Well, lets see where this leads to.

It’s been a long time without any update here, but well. Not much was going either apart from smaller fixes of typos. But lets get down the road what has changed on DOTLAN EveMaps, what new information is integrated and what additions I’ve still on my TO DO list (before or after my family vacation).

New Features on DOTLAN EveMaps

  • The Sovereignty Campaigns listing is integrated under the Sovereignty section. It includes all campaigns or events (how you wanna call them) that have been scheduled. This CREST Endpoint has a 30 second cache timer. So within 30-60  seconds your campaign (once you successfully reinforced a structure) should be online and visible for everyone.
  • For a region you get a new regional list that includes all the sovereignty structures, their state and vulnerable window in a sortable form.
    Example: Scalding PassFountain
  • On the System overview you get a list/state of the local sovereignty structures as well
    Example: W-4NUU
  • If you want to know which sovereignty structures an alliance is operating, there’s a new Alliance Structures tab to get a full list.
    Example: Quantum Collective
  • Additionally the map will highlight systems with scheduled campaigns using a dashed system outline and red background glow. I think give it some days to check if that’s okay or if the map view gets to cluttered up. We’ll see
    Example: Cloud Ring

Here are some screenshot so you have an idea what it looks or where to find it, in the case you haven’t seen it yet.


What else do I’ve in my mind?:

  • Add the Active Defense Multiplier as map overlay
  • Add the vulnerable state and start as map overlay (green = safe, orange = vulnerable, red = campaign)
  • Details and charts of the current score and the campaign progress
  • History of campaigns, etc
  • Add campaigns to the live ticker

3 Responses to “Aegis Sovereignty Overhaul”

  1. Darkblad says:

    URLs of the map icons for Region/Constellation/System of an Alliance’s Structures list are built wrong.

    For example:

    The Label “Malpais” links to
    The Icon next to it links to

    The Label 06-70G links to
    The Icon next to it links to

    For constellations, Label and Icon both use

    Other than that: Great additions, and super fast. Thanks again, Wollari!

  2. Bei ArtJay says:

    This is as always awesome work.

    Just a suggestion – would it be possible to make the the red ‘glow’ around a reinforced system change to another color when the exit event starts?

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